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11th Annual Launch Pad Feature Competition Winners

By April 26, 2024No Comments

Listed below are the Winners of the 11th Annual Launch Pad Feature Competition. Congratulations to these winning writers and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Winners:

Overall Winner

Be My Eyes by Jud Cremata

A law student downloads an app that allows her to be a guide for the blind and “see” through their camera phones to assist with simple tasks, but she enters a race against time when the woman she’s helping is abducted.

Top Comedy Winner

Cold Hard Steel by Ryan Stanisz

A struggling multi-level marketing salesman starts a new pyramid scheme selling knives alongside his aimless teenage son, only for his son to put their relationship in jeopardy when he embraces the dark side of the industry.

Top Drama Winner

Faces by Joey Kao

After she’s raped by her crush, a college freshman grows a monstrous second face that no one else can see or hear, sending her life into a violent spiral.

Andrew Kersey Guaranteed Signing Winner

These Cuffs Followed Me Home by Vijay Ilankamban

An ex-con fighting to make ends meet in an unjust system is forced into sex work to pay for his nephew’s medical treatment when the boy is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.

Midnight Lantern Guaranteed Development Winner

Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon by Calvin Claudio

A heart surgeon recalls fraught memories of her hyper-religious home life as she travels to attend her brother’s wedding, struggling to come to terms with a dark secret about him that she’s hidden for years.

Cosmic Arena Guaranteed Development Winner

Tow by Arjan Sudick

Upon taking her dad’s tow truck to assist a stranded customer, a Sikh young woman struggling to assimilate is hunted by a killer who adopts the personas of their victims.

Chad and Carey Hayes Mentorship Winner

Heartrace by Will Bermender

A father will stop at nothing to save his dying daughter after a drug cartel hijacks her transplant heart.

Doug Eboch Mentorship Winner

The Sleeping Beauty by Jonathan Uriel Lopez Cruz

A knight in shining armor infiltrates an enchanted castle in his quest to rescue a sleeping princess from the clutches of a dragon.

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