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ENDS MAY 8, 2020



ENDS JUNE 12, 2020



ENDS JULY 10, 2020



ENDS AUGUST 14, 2020


Announcement Dates

Top 100

NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Top 50

DECEMBER 10, 2020

Top 10

JANUARY 7, 2021


JANUARY 28, 2021

Competition Add Ons

Feedback Notes

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    By selecting the Feedback Notes add-on, you will get an insider look at how your work was read, reviewed and analyzed by our professional readers. With readers for our competition working for several major studios, agencies, management companies and financiers, you will not only receive a high level read just by entering, but now you will have the opportunity to peek behind the curtain to see how your project was reviewed for our competition.
    As an entrant into this competition, for just half the price of our Development Notes option, you will receive 1 to 2 pages of notes, thoughts and analysis from our readers. Use these notes to see why your project advanced, or to learn what kept it from reaching the next stage. Get an idea as to what readers liked, bumped on, or had concerns over as the story progressed. This is a true inside peak into what those reading for the majors really think.
    All Feedback Notes will be returned to each writer via the email address used at time of entry before the Top 10 is announced.



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      will continue with three new mentors joining in the fun and helping our next wave of writers begin their careers with all of the ammo and answers possible to make their dreams a reality.
      How It Works
      Each of our mentors will select a minimum of one writer/project to mentor from those entries that selected the Mentorship Program add-on while entering. The selected writers will work with their mentors to help develop their projects and their careers, as the mentors help answer questions, give advice and offer thoughts on their work. Every mentor is different, and every mentor’s approach is unique, but each will be asked to read your work (which they will select themselves from the entries), and help guide you and your project towards accomplishing the next steps in your career. Each writer will meet with (or chat on the phone if not local) with their mentor and be introduced upon selection. Mentors will serve as a sounding board for all of those questions we know everyone has when starting something new, but are often afraid to ask. Whether it be questions on writing, reps, pitches or career moves, we want you to be ready and confident to tackle Hollywood.
      To be considered by our mentors your entry must include the Mentorship Program add-on. All scripts entering and selecting the Mentorship Program add-on will be considered by our mentors. You do not need to have made any finalist rounds to be considered for this opportunity, as each project will be reviewed outside of the finalist rounds for consideration. That means that even if you do not make the Top 75, you are still in the running to be selected by our mentors for the Mentorship Program.


      Guaranteed Signing

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        Our exclusive representation partner(s) will each select a minimum of one writer to represent from those entries that selected the Guaranteed Signing add-on while entering. Reps will work with their selected writer to help not only develop their work, but their careers, as they forge ahead on the first steps in becoming a professional writer. Whether film, television, or other mediums, each company will help guide your career, your work, and your next steps as they showcase and introduce you and your writing to the world.
        How It Works
        To be considered your entry must include the Guaranteed Signing add-on. All scripts entering and selecting the Guaranteed Signing add-on will be considered. You do not need to have made any finalist rounds to be considered for this opportunity, as each project will be reviewed outside of the finalist rounds for consideration. That means that even if you do not make the Top 75, you are still in the running to win the Guaranteed Signing prize.


        Guaranteed Option

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          Our industry leading partnerships with companies like Michael De Luca Productions, Scott Free Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment, Lee Stobby Entertainment, ESA, and Energy Entertainment, to name a few, give writers even more opportunities to take their writing careers to the next level. Our guaranteed option partner will select a minimum of 1 project from the competition to option with an eye toward developing and producing your work.
          How It Works
          To be considered your entry must include the Guaranteed Option add-on. All scripts entering and selecting the Guaranteed Option add-on will be considered by each company. You do not need to have made any finalist rounds to be considered for this opportunity, as each project will be reviewed outside of the finalist rounds for consideration. That means that even if you do not make any finalist rounds, you are still in the running to win the Guaranteed Option prize.




          A WAR ON TERRORPeter Haig
          A WOLF ON FAIRMOUNTTravis Cox and Robert Williams
          AJEETA THE INVINCIBLETerry Lynam
          AL QURAINAbdullah Alhendyani
          AMERICAN INFAMYTakeo Hori
          ANYONE ELSE ALIVEGareth Wronski
          AS YOU WISHSuhashini Krishnan
          BATTLE OF LOUGH SWAINSean Keating
          BEACONNate Ruegger
          BELLYACHEAndy Compton
          BERLINERSJack Ebstein
          BIRTH CONTROLMelissa Darch
          BLACK FRIDAYJonathan Dillon
          BLESSINGYael Schick
          BOXED INJoe Gressis
          BREAK INSam Roseme and Justin Gallaher
          BREAK POINTZachary Johnson
          BUTTERFLIESChristien Reid
          CHERRY REDJesse Mallin and Brian Warzak
          COME BACK KINGN. Fituri Scown
          CRUEL PECANSJonny Flores
          DEAD STORAGEJay Stern
          DEADASSSam Josephs
          DEATH SUCKSGinny Hill
          DEVIL’S RAINTami Ryder
          DUST TO DUSTCate Honzl
          EL NINO PERDIDOVince Robbins and Robert Montes
          EXES AND OHSIsabella Vergun and Isobel Bradbury
          EXILEDBecca Mann
          FALSE FLAGEdward Coffey
          FEASTGreg Scharpf
          FEBRUARYHeather Spiegel
          FOOLISH WOMANJared Neumark
          FULL COURT BONSAIAndrew Benedict
          GET A LIFEOlivia Mayberry
          GREEN FLASHGarrett Rowe
          GYOPOChristina YR Jun
          HANDY MANTeddy Schenck
          HAVENHannah McCarthy
          HERO OF THE GOOD LANDLogan Shaw
          HIGH MEDIUMBrendan Kelly
          HOT GIRL SUMMERMichelle Askew
          IF I NEEDED YOUJoey Rayburn
          JACKPOTTim Durham
          KERIAHRenee Rothstein
          KOIDoua Moua
          LOLOWilandrea Blair
          LONGSHORE DRIFTAnnie Humphrey
          LOVE UNCONTROLLEDFabio Bondi
          LOWLANDSAlex Ovadal
          MARRIAGE UNIVERSITYCat Youell and Brad Crowe
          MISS DICKPUNCHEREmily-Anne Mikos
          MOONBOYBrent McKnight
          NOW WE’LL GO TO HELLVince Robbins
          OATHPaul Frank
          OFFICER XMichael Joiner
          ON THIN ICELaura Ranney
          POPE JANEDavid Bush
          POPULARMarley Schneier
          REAWAKENINGVirginia Gilbert
          REN FAIRE VERSUS ALIENSHarry Aspinwall
          ROSAChelsea Hazzard
          ROSES IN THE WATERLa’Chris Jordan
          SALONEJordyn Giddens
          SAVING TABITHAAnu Sukhdial
          SENIOR PRANKAlexis Irvin
          SEPARATIONAnna Bierhaus
          SHELBeth Curry
          SHELLEY AND STANLEYBecky Leigh and Mario Kyprianou
          SIERRA VISTAKevin Engelking
          SOLDIER FORWARDShahnaz Mahmud
          STRAIGHT UPAlexia Verbeke
          TEN DOLLAR HOUSERick Kinnebrew
          THE ALICE SOLUTIONEmily Redinbo
          THE AMBULANCE DRIVERBarry Leach
          THE ART OF LYINGAmy Teague
          THE BARREL FIELDDan Ast
          THE BIG SWINDLEGreg Fortier
          THE BONES OF MINNIE LEEMartine Moore
          THE CARLISLE INDIANPeter Vicaire
          THE CLIFF WALKMike Ackerman
          THE FIGHT INSIDEMerridith Allen
          THE FOXKevin Leahy
          THE ITCHJeremy Bradford
          THE SEA DRAGONAdam Sharp
          THE SHETLANDERMartina Muhoberac
          THE SPOKEN RIVERFrances Hebert
          THE TIGER’S DAUGHTERJason M. Lee
          THE WHIPPERSNAPPERSRikki Bleiweiss
          TUNNEL VISIONEvan Rindler and Jon Rizik
          UNDERDOGAlex Tranquada
          WAR DANCERVeialu Alia-Unsworth
          WEST WOMANWilandrea Blair
          WHO WAS CARY GRANT?Jon Davis
          WILLFUL BLINDNESSSean Malcolm
          WITTIKKALauren Stufflebeam

          Make sure to check back for further announcements!

          (As a reminder: If you entered into the Mentorship Program, or signed up to be part of the Guaranteed Signing or Guaranteed Option prizes, regardless of making the Top 100, you are still in contention for those prizes. Those winners are selected from the entire pool of submissions separately from the finalist rounds, and will be announced alongside the winners)


          The Launch Pad Competitions have led to more signings, success stories and careers than any other screenwriting competition. With nearly a decade of experience in promoting up-and-coming writers, The Launch Pad Competition has firmly established itself as the premier hub for Hollywood to discover fresh voices and new ideas.  We advocate for all of our Top 100 finalists, working with them to develop compelling bios and loglines, and sharing their work with the right industry members to advance their career. 

          Our prestigious juries of industry members include managers, agents, producers and executives at companies across Hollywood. We also offer exclusive partnerships with management and production companies to give writers an extra leg up. Through these partnerships, as well as our exclusive mentorship opportunities, we seek to provide as many avenues towards success as possible.  No competition will do more to help all of their finalists take the next steps in their careers, and no competition has had as much success in helping writers break into the industry. Enter now for a chance to join this tradition of Launch Pad success. 


          This year’s jury includes industry professionals from such prestigious companies as:

          • Bellevue Productions
          • Mandeville Films
          • Scott Free
          • Vertigo Entertainment
          • Verve

          Click over to our jury tab to learn more!


          The best way to learn is by working with experienced writers who have already navigated that path to success.  That is exactly what the Launch Pad exclusive mentorship opportunity is setup to do. This year’s mentors are:

          Barbara Stepansky

          Barbara Stepansky is a WGA Award winner, a Nicholl Fellow and an award-winning independent film director. Her work was short listed for the Academy Awards, garnered the DGA Diversity Award, the Student Emmy and was featured on the Black List. She is the recipient of the Mary Pickford Foundation Scholarship and the Franklin J. Schaffner AFI Fellow Award. FLINT, a film she wrote about the Flint Water Crisis for Sony/Lifetime with Queen Latifah, was nominated for a Critics Choice and won a WGA Award. She currently writes on the Starz TV Show OUTLANDER.

          Colin Bannon

          The only writer to appear twice on Tracking Board’s 2019 Hit List, Colin has also featured on the Young & Hungry and Black Lists. He set up HOLDOUT at Netflix with producer Ridley Scott, VIGILANCE at Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm, and his 2019 spec FIRST ASCENT sold to Netflix in a bidding war for Ridley Scott to produce and Jake Scott to direct.

          Lamar Woods

          Lamar Woods is a comedic writer/performer hailing from Atlanta, Ga. Lamar made a name for himself writing for his youtube channel, Northside Comedy, accumulating over 1.4 million views online. Lamar has also been hired to write and produce online videos for content creators such as Funny or Die, Comedy Central, and All Def Digital. You also can see Lamar performing with his all black, all male, improv/sketch team called White Women. Lamar has been staffed on such shows as Starz’ SURVIVOR’S REMORSE as well as Fox’s NEW GIRL and ABC’s SINGLE PARENTS. He also co-wrote and starred in the indie comedy IT’S A PARTY, starring Ego Nowdim and Tone Bell.

          Leon Chills

          Recently named to both the Hit List and Young & Hungry List for 2019, Leon’s action script SHADOW FORCE sold to Lionsgate with Kerry Washington and Sterling K. Brown attached to star and produce. He was staffed on the upcoming Netflix drama series SPINNING OUT from Safehouse Pictures. Previously, he’d set up projects with No Label Productions and Great Lake Pictures, took the top spot in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Contest, and participated in the CBS Entertainment Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase.


          This year’s Guaranteed Option partner is Romark Entertainment, who have set up multiple Launch Pad scripts around town, including MARIAN at Sony and Pascal Pictures and JUST. ONE. KISS. at Netflix. They have signed dozens of Launch Pad writers across the Feature, Pilot and Manuscript Competitions and is currently developing the Launch Pad projects KILL CREEK with Scott Derrickson at Showtime, and MR. & MRS. AMERICAN PIE with Laura Dern at Platform One.



          This year’s Guaranteed Signing Partner as Adrian Garcia of Recon Literary. A former talent agent at Paradigm, Adrian Garcia went on to found his management company Recon Literary. Garcia has frequently had writers appear on the Hit List, Black List and/or Young & Hungry List, and has a proven track record of signing Launch Pad writers, including Eric Koenig who sold his Launch Pad winning script MATRIARCH to Paramount in a bidding war.

          The guaranteed option, guaranteed signing, and four mentor partner(s) will each select a minimum of 1 project each from this year’s competition to win their prize. To be eligible, entrants MUST select the “Guaranteed Option”, “Guaranteed Signing”, and/or “Mentorship” add-on at the time of entry.

          If you select any add-ons at the time of entry, regardless of where you place in the competition, you will still be in the running for those add-on features.


          In the same spirit as our mentorship program and our commitment to helping writers improve, we are thrilled to offer our Feedback Notes Program to provide 1-2 pages of in-depth notes on your competition entry. Select the notes at checkout to get insight on the story, characters, writing and marketability of your script.

          The 2020 Launch Pad Feature Competition Prizes

          The Launch Pad Competition is focused on identifying, discovering and helping launch the careers of our writers. Whether you make the quarter-finalists or win it all in any of our competitions, we work with you to help polish your work, prepare for meetings, craft you pitch, identify your follow up projects, and prepare yourself for anything that comes your way on the journey to becoming a professional writer.

          Grand Prize | Top 3 Winners

          • Everything the Top 10 receive, plus…
          • You will be invited to our annual Launch Pad Party celebrating you and the other Launch Pad Winners of the year. This will be an exclusive industry event centered on showcasing and honoring you and your work, while also introducing you to agents, managers, executives, producers, and other creatives. This is a private guest list event tailored toward our winners from the year, and including some of our previous judges, mentors, partners and past Launch Pad Alums.

          Top 10

          • Everything the Top 100 Finalists receive, plus…
          • You and your project will be showcased individually to agents, managers, executives, and producers who are looking for new clients, new projects, and new writers.
          • Your work will be read, reviewed, and voted on by each of our esteemed judges.
          • You will receive 1 free entry into any future Launch Pad Competition of your choosing.

          Top 100 Finalists

          • Your project will be announced on our sites and via press release and industry newsletter via The Tracking Board, Launch Pad, and our partners to more than 100,000 readers and industry members worldwide.
          • You and your project will be featured in both our individual Launch Pad Competition Booklet, as well as our Annual Launch Pad Alum Booklet, both of which are shared with our industry network and beyond, including agents, managers, producers, executives and other creatives seeking new material and clients.
          • You will receive a free 1-Year Membership (or extension) to The Tracking Board.

          Add-On Competition Prizes

          If you select any add-ons at time of entry, regardless of where you place in the competition, you will still be in the running for those add-on features.

          Guaranteed Option Exclusive – Romark Entertainment

          • A Minimum of 1 project will be selected from our exclusive development partner to receive an option agreement for their Launch Pad project.
          • To qualify for this prize, entrants must have selected the “Guaranteed Option” add-on when submitting their project.
          • This prize, as with all add-on prizes is not decided upon by placement in the competition. Regardless of whether the project entered makes any finalist round, your project will still be in contention for this prize until the competition ends.

          Guaranteed Signing Exclusive – Recon Literary

          • A Minimum of 1 writer will be selected for representation by our exclusive signing partner(s).
          • To qualify for this prize, entrants must have selected the “Guaranteed Signing” add-on when submitting their project.
          • This prize, as with all add-on prizes is not decided upon by placement in the competition. Regardless of whether the project entered makes any finalist round, your project will still be in contention for this prize until the competition ends.

          Our Exclusive 2020 Launch Pad Mentorship Program

          • A Minimum of4 writers (1 per mentor) will be selected by our mentors to enter our 2020 Launch Pad Mentorship Program.
          • To qualify for this prize, entrants must have selected the “Mentorship Program” add-on when submitting their project.
          • This prize, as with all add-on prizes is not decided upon by placement in the competition. Regardless of whether the project entered makes any finalist round, your project will still be in contention for this prize until the competition ends.

          Success of Previous Top 100’s

          Here are a few Top 100 writers we would like to celebrate…

          Dennis Curlett

          JUST. ONE. KISS. not only landed him representation with Verve and Romark Entertainment, but set the town on fire, eventually selling to Netflix in a bidding war.⁠

          Surj Das

          Surj’s Launch Pad Top Comedy script THE CONFECTION CONNECTION caught the eye of actor Ed Helms and his production company Pacific Electric Company, who are on board to produce. He followed that up by landing on the 2018 Young & Hungry List and Hit List, and is now currently in development on multiple studio projects, including an untitled project for Sony Pictures.⁠

          John Wikstrom

          A three-time Launch Pad Finalist, John’s latest project AMA: ASK ME ANYTHING made the Black List and now has Zelda Williams attached to direct with Assemble Media’s Jack Heller producing. ⁠

          He was also recently hired to write DOSE for AGBO producers Joe & Anthony Russo. ⁠

          Chris Dennis

          The only writer with multiple projects in the 2019 Feature Top 100, Chris Dennis signed with Romark Entertainment and Verve off the strength of his projects MAELSTROM and THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER. ⁠

          Adam Kolbrenner

          Lit Entertainment Group – Manager

          Adrian Askarieh

          Prime Universe Films – Producer/Executive

          Adrian Garcia

          Recon Literary – Manager

          Andrea Dimity

          Pannon Entertainment – Manager

          Andrew Childs

          Vertigo Entertainment – Producer/Executive

          Brooklyn Weaver

          Energy Entertainment – Manager

          Charlie Ferraro

          UTA – Agent

          Dash Aiken

          Romark Entertainment

          David Boxerbaum

          Verve – Agent

          Derrick Eppich

          Empirical Evidence – Manager

          Jake Wagner

          Alibi Entertainment – Manager

          Jason Tamasco

          Bad Idea – Producer/Executive

          Jeff Portnoy

          Bellevue Productions – Manager

          Jon Huddle

          Fourth Wall Management – Manager

          Michael Chung

          Verve – Agent

          Nicole Poritzky

          Mandeville Films – Producer/Executive

          Rachel Reznick

          Weed Road Pictures – Producer/Executive

          Rebecca Feuer

          Scott Free – Producer/Executive

          Rock Shaink

          Romark Entertainment – Manager

          Scott Stoops

          Good Fear Content – Manager

          Thomas Carter

          Artillery Creative – Manager

          Varun Monga

          Kaplan Stahler Agency – Agent

          • All scripts MUST BE submitted as a PDF.
          • All feature scripts must be under 120 pages (any script with more than 120 pages will be charged an additional $1 per page) 
          • Do not submit any form of pitch document with your feature script.
          • Scripts with multiple writers are allowed (however, all entry fees must be paid under one account and all prizes to be shared among writing partners).
          • All scripts must be the sole property of the writer(s).
          • Features with a prior option are allowed, but at the time of submission and for the duration of the contest, must remain exclusively the writer’s property.
          • The only scripts not allowed to be entered are those which have already sold, have previously earned our “TB Recommends” honors, or received a top 100 placement in a previous Launch Pad competition.
          • The Launch Pad uses Coverfly to manage our submissions and reads. Updated drafts accepted through the Coverfly website only.
          • The Launch Pad and all judges/readers will utilize whatever criteria they deem appropriate in deciding a winner.
          • All scripts will remain the property of the writer(s) throughout the contest (at no point will anyone from the judge’s panel, or Launch Pad ever attach themselves to your work without your consent).
          • Entrants may be contacted as a result of the contest by Launch Pad, the judging panel or other industry professionals in regards to representation, production, sale and/or option of the entered work.
          • Entrants are under no obligation to sell their work or otherwise attach themselves to representation in any form – this includes the guaranteed option and guaranteed signing add ons
          • General script entries will not receive feedback, however, you can opt to upgrade and receive feedback on your script submission.
          • The contest is open to entrants 18 or older. It is an international contest and open to entrants worldwide.
          • The Launch Pad reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify these terms at any time without notice.
          • By entering this competition, you agree to receive periodic emails from The Launch Pad and The Tracking Board. You may unsubscribe to these at any time.
          • All entrants understand and agree to allow Launch Pad to post details on their script (title, writer’s name, logline, genre, and competition details) as well as regarding the writer (biography, picture) to their site, or sister site to help promote the entrants’ work.
          • All purchases and submissions are final. No refunds will be issued.
          • Except where prohibited by law, participation in the contest constitutes each entrant’s consent to LaunchPad and its agents’ and contest sponsor’s use of entrants’ names, likenesses, photographs, and/or personal information for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. All uses of a entrants’ information are in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
          • You agree to release and hold harmless LaunchPad, its subsidiary, parent and affiliated companies, prize contributors, judges, readers, sponsors, and any other organizations responsible for administering, advertising, or promoting the competition, and every one of their respective members, directors, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”) past and present from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to damages and negligence to property and persons, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, copyright, infringement of trademark or other intellectual property rights relating to a participant’s entry, participation in the competition and/or acceptance or use or misuse of prize; provided however, that such release will not apply to any commercial exploitation of the script by a Released Party in violation of your rights under applicable copyright law; and (c) indemnify, defend and hold harmless the LaunchPad and its sponsors, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys fees) relating to an entrant’s participation in the competition and/or entrant’s use or misuse of Prize.

          Selection Criteria

          Initial reads will be completed by professional industry readers, after which point our internal team of readers will read all promising submissions to allow for extensive internal discussions over the relative merits and weaknesses of each project. Through internal conferences, we narrow down a list of 100 finalists. At this point, writers may be asked to submit supplemental information (a brief bio, a bible for their tv pilot, etc.) to assist in the decision making process. 

          Further rounds of internal reading and discussion, as well as consultations with our signing and option partners, narrows the finalists down to 10, at which point our panel of industry judges read each script and provide feedback which determines each of our winners. 

          Any entrant may be deemed ineligible at the sole discretion of Launch Pad. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.

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