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Where Are Last Year’s TV Pilot Competition Finalists Now?

By October 20, 2021October 21st, 2021No Comments

Are you still hesitant about where Launch Pad’s TV Pilot Competition can take you?

The Launch Pad TV Pilot Competition has officially…well…launched, so it’s time to dust off that old project or put the finishing touches on that new one.


Launch Pad has a track record of success in finding the next up-and-coming writers in both film and television. Even in a year as challenging as 2020, a number of writers managed to finish scripts and rise to the top of the pile as they placed in the 2020 Launch Pad Pilot Competition. 

Let’s take a closer look at where those talented folks are now and dig into how Launch Pad helped their careers take off.

Aloha State by Alexandra Amadio

Amadio has had a life-long passion for writing and managed to start working in the industry as a teenager. With that kind of experience, it was only a matter of time before she kickstarted her career as a screenwriter. However, industry setbacks and a lack of inspiration led to a decline in Amadio’s writing.

Alexandra Amadio

“I basically learned the politics of Hollywood the hard way. … I didn’t write anything new for years, because I just got so burnt out working myself to death at very demanding industry jobs that it was tough to find additional time and energy to create. I was just young and didn’t know how to properly manage that work-life-dream balance!”


To get herself back on track, she targeted competitions that would get her work in front of people who could make things better. She landed the top spot in the Launch Pad Pilot Competition and connected with a judge and manager at Artillery Creative, where she was ultimately signed as a client shortly following the announcement of her top spot. 

When asked what working with the team did for her after placing as the overall winner, Amadio said,

“There are countless books, blogs, and other resources out there that can advise you on how to write better scripts, how to enter contests, how to network, how to query managers and agents. But there is almost zero information about what happens right after that, once you get to the point of being on the brink of breaking in. … [They were] so supportive and helped guide me through the complicated and stressful period. For me, it was the first time I felt like I had someone in my corner who understood all the struggles that writers go through and have helped many to successfully overcome them.”


The Caregiver by Schyler Martin

Schyler Martin

A former journalism major, Martin switched her focus shortly taking one screenwriting course, where her goal turned to land a staffing position in a TV writers’ room. It took a beat for Martin to work her way into the industry, as she hit a common block that so many writers face: not finishing their script. 

“Finish your projects and actually revise them when you get notes. A year [before placing] I had so many half-written pilots and features, but instead of focusing on making each project as strong as possible, I kept jumping straight to new ideas that I was excited about.”

Martin eventually overcame her procrastination and finished a script. She then submitted it to the LPPC, where she nabbed a finalist spot and got representation at Everyday Films.

“Placing in Launch Pad’s Pilot Competition gave my career a real boost, and on a personal level, it validated me as a writer and inspired me to work even harder to make my goals a reality.”


King of Lesotho by Amadou Diallo

Launch Pad alum and finalist Amadou Diallo mentioned a similar lack of access to the “right” people in the industry when you’re trying to expose your writing and launch your career.

Amadou Diallo

“The team is committed to opening doors for emerging writers. When I was taking manager meetings… [they] worked on expanding my options by submitting samples to managers that I didn’t have any connections to.”


Diallo went on to sign with Fwrd Management after placing in Launch Pad’s competition, but he also noted that he had not made it past the first round in several other competitions that same year. You have to be a constant champion for your own work and you have to continue to get your writing out into the industry where it can only be strengthened by working with partners like Launch Pad.

Staffing Season

Not only have Launch Pad alums signed with various agents and managers, but they’ve also been staffed on television series. Launch Pad finalist Ursula Taherian signed with Gersh and Gotham Group and has been staffed on United States of Al. Brit Wigintton’s finalist script, Exit Strategy, helped land her representation with Artillery Creative and get staffed on Freeform’s Good Trouble this past spring, just a few months after being announced as a Launch Pad finalist.

These Launch Pad Pilot Competition alums only scratch the surface of those who have gone on to launch successful careers. Check out this page for more fantastic success stories and a better understanding of all the great things that our team can do for you. 

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