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What are people saying about us?

Here’s what people are saying.

In just 6 years The Launch Pad Competition went from being the newcomer on the block to the most successful writing competition in the entertainment industry. Now with over 403 writers signed, 145 projects set up, 7 bidding wars, and more than two dozen staffed on shows, we’re incredibly proud of the work our team has done and the talented writers we’ve discovered.

“The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Pilot competition literally launched my professional writing career. Without the internal support and industry connections afforded to me by the competition, I wouldn’t have found my manager, who ultimately got me my first staff writing job. Without a doubt I have the Tracking Board to thank for getting my foot in the door!”


Staffed Screenwriter

The Tracking Board Launch Pad is truly the most influential screenwriting competition out there. Since making Top Ten, without even hearing winning results yet, I’ve had more contact from managers and production companies than in several years of my career so far combined.


Launch Pad Feature Top 10 and writer of UNASSIGNED LANDS

Writers are an integral part of my team and without them I would not be able to do my job, so to be able to work with Launch Pad and provide a new and innovative way for them to get their work out in the world is truly exciting.


Director & Producer / Scott Free Productions

This contest legitimately changed my life. It was amazing to have my work set out and actually taken seriously. Right away, I got a ton of emails from people requesting to see the script!


Launch Pad Alum, writer of PURE O, staffed writer on Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS

The Launch Pad competition is one of, if not the, premier industry screenplay competitions. It is a gold mine of well-executed, commercial specs and it is run by execs who are savvy, have great taste and are well connected. With the amount of talent that is signed and the amount of scripts that are sold out of Launch Pad, this is the competition that every writer, rep and exec should know and be excited about.


Manager & Producer / Good Fear Content

Eleven days. That’s all it took The Launch Pad to literally launch my screenwriting career. Eleven days from my script Matriarch placing in the top 25 of their aptly named Launch Pad Features Competition to it being bought by Paramount. These guys know exactly what they’re doing – period.


Launch Pad Alum and writer of MATRIARCH

The day after hearing I made the top 25 I had the top manager in town calling me on a Sunday. On Monday I met and signed with him. By Wednesday, my pilot was being read by the head of several TV departments at the top agencies. By Friday, I was developing the show with some of the biggest producers in this town.


Launch Pad Alum and writer of SHINING CITY, THE GARDEN

To say this contest changed my life would be the biggest understatement in the world. Before I entered the competition I’d only ever thought of this as a dream, but after making the first round of finalists I quickly signed with agents and managers, and within a week my script was in the midst of multiple studio bidding war with several stars and directors involved. The project sold to Sony with Margot Robbie starring and legitimately launched my career.


Launch Pad Alum and writer of MARIAN

The numbers speak for themselves. Beyond the massive amount of writers who have landed reps from this competition, no other has led to more sales and bidding wars in existence. And beyond that, the success isn’t just here, but these scripts have landed on every major end of year list. This place starts careers!


Manager & Producer / Energy Entertainment

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