by Adam Draves

2016 Launch Pad Feature Alumni

About Adam Draves

Adam Draves is a former development exec at Indian Paintbrush and has worked for The Gersh Agency and The Kennedy-Marshall Company. He has transitioned into a post-industry career that Paul should be able to explain more clearly involving cyber security, but sadly cannot. He lives in the Boston Area with his wife and two boys.

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Project Title


Project Logline

In a future utopia where citizens must take a daily pill that makes them euphoric, one resident skews the balance by accidentally going off his meds, committing the community's first murder, inspiring a sexual reawakening or two, and leading a revolt against the 'perfect' society.

This Meets That


Why Read It?

More than anything else, this script is one thing: hilarious. The premise is wild and intriguing at the same time, and the writer absolutely accomplishes their lofty goals by telling the story in a way that is constantly amusing. We go along with the insanity of this movie because the masterful maintenance of an offbeat tone backs it up. It's never scared to go 'too far,' and the dialogue is zippy and fresh. Nothing ever lets up in the script as the action, comedy, and misadventures keep plowing forward until you reach the end.

Additional Work

THE BATTLE OF BLACK FRIDAY - Feature - Action-comedy - Two rival department store managers go head-to-head on an historic Black Friday in Gettysburg, PA. A suburban father is caught in the middle as he tries to secure the season's hottest toy, win back his family's faith in him, and become a goddamn hero.
DUMPY - Feature - Comedy - A comedy about a guy who realizes he's been dumped by every girl he's ever dated, and his best friend convinces him that the only way to reverse his fortunes and get his love life back on track is to man up and dump a girl.