by Amanda Keener

2016 Launch Pad Pilot Alumni

About Amanda Keener

Screenwriter/ author, A.E. Keener ( has a MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman University and has written/published two novels, a collection of short stories, and a picture book. She was also a Nick Script First Winner and had a general meeting with Nickelodeon.

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Project Title

The Alchemists

Project Logline

The disappearance of a young girl's parents causes her to attend a boarding school, where she meets two mysterious Alchemists and discovers she has powers of her own.


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Teen, Action

This Meets That


Why Read It?

A relatable female protagonist anchors this fun and exciting pilot that is filled with great ideas and unexpected twists. Stunning and original visuals combined with the proven premise of a supernatural school give this pilot all the ingredients of a successful YA hit. Its dark comedic tone makes it a perfect fit for either a children's network like Disney or Nickelodeon or a more teen-focused audience like Freeform or MTV.

Additional Work