by Connor Eyzaguirre

2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Alumni

About Connor Eyzaguirre

I am a 21-year-old college senior at Texas State University who has been pursuing writing as a hobby since I was about fourteen years old. After writing a few short stories, I wanted to try my hand at a horror novel and came up with the basis for 'Consequence.' I'm a big fan of the genre and am currently pursuing a teaching degree in English.

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Project Title


Project Logline

After a gang of vampires murder his wife and son, a Union soldier spends the next eleven years tracking them down, leading him to Consequence, where he helps defend the town against the demons of the West.


Action, Horror, Western

This Meets That


Why Read It?

While the combination of vampires and Westerns sounds like it could be odd, this manuscript bucks all your expectations and is one of the most fun horror thrillers you can get your hands on. The writer is not only adept as creating horror, suspense, and tension, but injects just the right amount of humor into the story as well. The lead character of Carter Nash is charming and fun, especially with his various aliases and his inability to keep track of them. The writing is great, as it seamlessly jumps back and forth between Carter, the townspeople, and the vampires, and creates a world that is fully fleshed out. The plotline is clear from the beginning and you are ready and willing to follow Carter to the bitter end.

Additional Work

DEVIL'S BLOOD (Sequel to 'Consequence'), Horror NovelA year after the events of 'Consequence', Carter Nash is bitten by a vampire and has three days to cure himself before he turns into one. MEADOWSWEET (Second Sequel to 'Consequence'), Horror NovelCarter Nash must save his daughter from the clutches of an ancient witch who plans to destroy humanity with a vampire army.