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Breaking News & Exclusives.

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Whether it’s up-to-the-minute coverage on film, television, digital and industry news or breaking the stories weeks before they’re announced, we’ve got you covered. Major attachments, interviews, sales, bidding wars, executive moves, projects going into production, specs hitting the market, film rights, signings and more as it happens!

The Spec Market

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The largest and most in-depth spec market tracking, reporting, analysis and database. Covering every project as it hits the market, and tracking it as it gains heat, adds attachments, selects territories and kicks off bidding wars. Whether needing to know what’s on the market, looking for a project, analyzing trends, or looking for clients, our tracking has become the industry’s most used source for staying ahead of the curve.

The Job Market

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Get your foot in the door of one of the most exclusive job markets in the world. With more than 8,000 jobs and internships posted here first, and hundreds of exclusive listings, you’ll not only have a chance to apply before others, but you’ll have access to jobs that are usually filled before being posted anywhere else.

The Launch Pad

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The fastest growing and most influential writing competition and coverage service in the industry. With more than 403 writers signed, 134 projects set up, 61 writers staffed, and 6 bidding wars in the first 5 years, it’s easy to see why our partners include Scott Free, Vertigo, Twin Padres, Energy Entertainment, Good Fear Film + Management & more. With mentor programs, guaranteed purchases, guaranteed signings, and educational outlets, find out why more careers start here than anywhere else.

The Box Office

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From industry elite tracking to predictions, actuals, and analysis, we cover every area of the box office and keep you up to date on what’s hot, what’s not, where audiences are going, and what critics prefer. Tracking early reports, predictions, social media buzz and more, we bring you updated reports on which films are looking to break out and which might disappear before you get a chance to see them.

VIP Parties, Events & Invitations

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From Sundance to Comic Con, The Oscars to Cannes, we pull all the strings to bring you the most comprehensive party/event grids around. With constantly updating RSVP info and new parties added on the fly, we strive to not just get you the info you need, but to get it to you before anyone else. Whether it’s black tie evening or dive bar networking, let us help you tune into Hollywood’s more glamorous side.

Best Of Lists & Market Books

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As creators of the annual Hit List (best spec scripts of the year as voted on by Hollywood), The Young & Hungry List (top 100 new writers of the year as voted on by Hollywood), and the Spec Market in Review (300+ page breakdown of every spec, writer, agent, manager, and company that hit the market, as well as an assessment on current and year-over-year trends), we provide annual in-the-know reports covering what’s happening now and where the industry is going.

Reviews & Coverage

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Whether it’s film, television, digital, or live events, we’ve got you covered. Covering hundreds of your favorite shows and films daily, with pre-release reviews, recaps, and opinion pieces from mainstream releases, hit shows, indies, streaming, festivals and awards. Follow your favorite reviewers as we report on the must-sees, maybes and skips to help you decide what to watch and why.

Development, OWA & ODA Tracking

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With one of the most robust databases of in-development projects, open writing assignments and open directing assignments around, we track thousands of projects you won’t find anywhere else. We detail every person and company involved, as well as the history of the projects and details on how they were set up. Sort by spec sales, categories, companies and more to get an advanced look at what projects Hollywood is making, and which are on the hunt for writers and directors.

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What began as a small group of industry professionals has now blossomed into one of the fastest growing industry sites, covering everything from the spec market, breaking news, in-development tracking, film rights, open writing assignments, TV and film reviews, interviews, box office reports, industry analysis and as-it-happens updates on every major company and player in the entertainment industry.

We are also the creators of the annual best-of lists The Hit List and The Young & Hungry List, publishers of the annual Spec Market Review books, founders of the Launch Pad Programs, and originators of the most widely-used Sundance and San Diego Comic Con party grids. Entertainment companies of all sizes, including Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, The Weinstein Company, Scott Free, Vertigo Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, WME, UTA, Paradigm and dozens more, use our services every day to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.