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Launch Pad Script Coverage Update

By November 10, 2020No Comments

Hello Launch Pad Writers,

Today we’re excited to announce the reimagined Launch Pad Coverage system, with new options, pricing, and objectives. I’d like to explain our reasoning behind these changes and what you can expect from Launch Pad Coverage moving forward. 

Why did we update Launch Pad’s script coverage?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to update our coverage service. First and foremost, this is an industry that is constantly changing. We’ve had the same coverage options for years, and staying static just isn’t an option in the quickly moving world of entertainment. As a service that is dedicated to helping writers advance their careers, we felt that it was our responsibility to ensure that we are offering the best possible service. 

We have streamlined our coverage options to just two distinct types:

  1. Development Notes
  2. Studio Coverage

In order to further simplify the decision-making process, these two options will have the exact same price point. One is not more extensive or superior to the other, they just have different objectives, and we want to make it easy to choose which one is right for you. 

What’s the difference between Development Notes and Studio Coverage?

The two packages are inspired by industry-standard coverage and notes that you might receive in the entertainment industry as a working writer. Some brands offer “script coverage” that doesn’t resemble coverage at all – giving you something more like the notes of a trusted friend or instructor. We hope to provide something more direct, honest and high-level.

Our notes will treat you like a professional collaborator, not a student. We know that Launch Pad writers are some of the best out there, and we want to acknowledge that by providing coverage that speaks to the needs and concerns of experienced emerging writers who are truly on the verge of taking that next step into a successful career. 

What to expect: Development Notes

Development Notes will mirror the sort of notes you might get from a producer or manager who is working with you on your project. These notes will be focused on pinpointing areas of strength and weakness in the project, and providing high-level suggestions for improvement.

Once you feel you have a very strong script, we suggest moving on to our second option – Studio Coverage.

What to expect: Studio Coverage

This is a straightforward assessment of the quality and commercial potential of the script. This coverage is designed to emulate how a studio or production company reader would convey their opinion of the script to the producer or executive who is going to make the decisions.

Readers in this industry are tough. They are hard to impress. It’s important to know if your script is ready to run that gauntlet. This coverage is our straightforward and candid assessment of that potential. To further help you to improve your script, this coverage comes with a complimentary optional follow-up question where you can ask your reader about their comments and receive a page of clarification and further suggestions. 

Launch Pad Recommends Program

As a part of the Studio Coverage, your script becomes eligible for our Launch Pad Recommends program. All scripts submitted to studio coverage which receive a “Recommend” score will be highlighted on our site and affiliated sites (Tracking Board and Coverfly) and presented to our extensive list of industry contacts.

Previously known as TB Recommends or Tracking Board Recommends after our sister site The Tracking Board, we have renamed the program to bring it more in line with our Launch Pad brand and its association with amazing emerging writers. 

Script Coverage Designed for You

We made these changes to create a product that is uniquely useful to the writers who are a part of the Launch Pad community — writers who are talented, informed, and ready for a successful screenwriting career. We want this service to be as amazing as possible, so please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions on these new coverages. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

With all that said, please check out the details of our new coverage services here. That page will outline the specific deliverables for each package, the pricing structure, turnaround times, and more. 

We cannot wait to read your scripts!

Spencer Janes
Program Manager
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