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Launch Pad Recommends: The Last Gate

By July 29, 2021No Comments

Fantasy adventure pilot The Last Gate by writers Mark Dudley, Jeff Lilly and Nikhil Emmadi of the Imaginos Workshop is the latest project to be recommended by the Launch Pad coverage service.

The LP Recommends program has a history of success in identifying great emerging talent and promising projects and this designation is bestowed on only a small percentage of scripts submitted to our coverage service.

The Last Gate follows a young archaeology student whose research leads her to wade into a war between false gods plaguing the world, unaware that she is the Exalted One who will lead the resistance to save humanity.

Our reader called the script “unified, taut and driven by a clear dramatic engine, keeping the reader fully and consistently on the edge of their seat,” and predicts that “producers who work in this genre will no doubt be completely charmed and enamored by this pilot.”

TheĀ Imaginos Workshop calls themselves a “creative engine featuring a diverse group of creators,” and their company motto is “We Make Cool $h!t!” While Imaginos Workshop focuses mainly on screenplays, they also make comics, short films, and podcasts.

If you would like to take a look at the script, you can check out Imaginos Workshop’s profile on Coverfly, or email


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