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The Industry is an industry-leading resource for exclusive, insider information to the people, projects, deals and developments happening in Hollywood today.
Membership has the following perks, all for just $79!

  • BREAKING NEWS & EXCLUSIVES: Covering the latest breaking news and coverage on new projects, casting, deals, and all things film, television, industry and entertainment. If you want it first, get it here before anyone else.
  • REVIEWS & COVERAGE: Covering hundreds of shows and films daily, with pre-release reviews, recaps, and opinion pieces from mainstream releases, hit shows, indies, streaming, festivals and awards.
  • JOBS & INTERNSHIPS: With over 8,000 jobs posted here before anyone else, get instant access to all of our exclusive job and internship listings. Whether seeking an executive position, assistant position, or starting your career; find your next job here before anywhere else.
  • THE SALES MARKET: With one of the most robust databases of in development projects covering the last decade, we track thousands of projects you won’t find anywhere else, with every person and company involved, as well as history of the projects, and details on how it was set up. Sort by spec sales, adaptations, reboots, remakes, or even by company and get the most advanced look at what projects Hollywood is making today.
  • SPEC BOOKS: Instant access to our annual spec books, each with over 300 pages of in depth tracking of every spec, writer, agent, manager, genre and company from each year, as well as in-depth analysis, tracking, trends and reports from the year, and five years prior.
  • BOX OFFICE: From industry elite tracking, to predictions, actuals, and analysis, we cover every arena of the box office and keep you up to date on what’s hot, what’s not, where audiences are going, and what critics prefer.
  • INTERVIEWS: From awards season red carpets and new release junkets to showrunners, writers, executives, agents and managers, we provide a comprehensive mix of perspectives from every arena of the entertainment industry.
  • OPINION & ANALYSIS: Weekly coverage on where the industry is going, what the biggest news of the week was, and what we can learn from the past. A mix of opinion, reflection, and trending coverage on the industry as a whole.
  • OWA & ODA TRACKING: Extensive tracking, grids, and details on every open writing assignment and open directing assignment as they happen. With easy to search options, find out which projects the industry needs to fill as soon as they enter development.
  • HEAT METERS: Instant updates, news and reports on every hot project on the Spec Market. Whether a spec script, pitch, or film rights, we provide up to the minute news and alerts helping you track what’s happening with each individual project as it begins to become a package, assign territories, or enter a bidding war.
  • VIP INVITATIONS & PARTY GRIDS: From Sundance to Comic Con, The Oscars to Cannes, we provide the most comprehensive party lists, and all of the details on how to RSVP to them before anyone else, and guarantee you’re at the hottest events and networking opportunities Hollywood has to offer.
  • THE HIT LIST / THE YOUNG & HUNGRY LIST: Home to two of the most influential annual lists tracking the hottest new writers, spec scripts and projects of the year. With early access to the list, as well as complete coverage on all those voted for, how they got there, and how they compare to other annual lists, we provide an unparalleled insider look to what made these the best of the year.
  • THE LAUNCH PAD: The fastest growing, and most influential writing competition and coverage provider around. With over 254 writers signed and 81 projects set up in the first years of the competition, this has become the hub for discovering the writers of tomorrow. With hundreds of industry professionals signing on to judge and read, we provide instant access to Hollywood for every writer. Every member earns discounts on every submission, early access, and additional coverage and analysis on the competitions and everyone involved.
  • FORUMS & BULLETINS: Join a professional community of over 25,000 professionals and aspiring voices, featuring executives, producers, agents, managers, writers, directors and assistants. Join the conversation and begin your own industry tracking.

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Please enter the approprate competition for the type of work that you are submitting.

  • Manuscript
    A manuscript is essentially the earliest draft of a book. It is the unpublished or final version of a book submitted to agents and editors for publication consideration or final publication.
  • Feature
    A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a feature length film or movie. Feature length is usually in excess of 70 pages.
  • Pilot
    A television pilot (also known as a pilot or a pilot teleplay) is a standalone episode of a television series that is used to sell the show to a television network or for consideration for representation.

Each Competition Has Its Own Rules
Click this button for the current rules of all competitions.
Competition Rules

Thanks for purchasing Feedback Notes. All Feedback Notes will be returned AFTER the Top 10 winners are announced. The current projected Feedback Notes delivery dates for 2016 are as follows.

Competition Delivery Date
2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition 2017-11-02 00:00:00 -0700
2017 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition 2017-09-21 00:00:00 -0700
2017 Launch Pad Pilot Competition 2017-06-15 00:00:00 -0700

Active Industry members receive 10% off of the Feature, Pilot, Manuscript Competition Entry Fee. This discount will be automatically applied to your purchase at checkout.

Active Industry members receive $25 off of any coverage package. This discount will be automatically applied to your purchase at checkout.

You will receive an email as soon as you have paid that specifies your acceptance into a competition. Additionally, you can click "My Profile" to view your submitted scripts.

To ensure a fun and fair competition, we require that script entries contain absolutely no identifiable marks whatsoever, or you risk disqualification.
Please double-check to make sure your title pages, file names, headers and footers DO NOT CONTAIN any of the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Any Registration Numbers
  • Your Birthdate

If you register your script with the WGA and keep the email receipt for your script submission to us, you will retain a record of ownership that exists even for a script submitted without identifying marks. Each script submission internally receives a unique ID that we use to always attribute your work to you. However, even more, your script is protected by our proven track record of working with writers to find success together. Additionally, all readers have signed NDAs on file with us for the duration of their term. We take great care in protecting and promoting writers and that’s our guarantee.

Formatting Instructions:

While all scripts are judged primarily on content alone, we still prefer that all scripts adhere to industry standard formatting requirements.

  • For Pilots and Features, please use ‘Courier' 12 point font with 1 inch margins on top and bottom. For more detailed information, please see
  • Screenplay Formatting
  • For Manuscripts, please use a standard 12 point font in Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. All manuscripts should be double spaced and have a 1 inch margin on all sides.

Page Count:

  • Pilots should be no more than 70 pages including the title page.
  • Features should be no more than 130 pages including the title page
  • Manuscripts must contain a 1-page synopsis of the entire book. Manuscripts should be no more than 50 pages including the synopsis. A title page is not required.

Here is your easy guide to submission eligibility. If your specific case is not covered here, please contact us.


My Manuscript Is... Can I submit?
An unpublished work, that is my original story and characters, and I own all the rights to it. YES
A self-published work, that is my original story and characters, and I own all the rights to it. YES
A self-published or regular published work, that is my original story and characters, and I own the film and television rights to it, but not the publishing rights. YES, but must opt-out of Inkshares Prize
A published, self-published or unpublished work that is my original story and characters, but someone else owns or has optioned the film and television rights. NO
A published, self-published or unpublished work that I wrote and is based off of existing stories, characters, or literary figures that are public domain. YES
A published, self-published or unpublished work that I wrote and is based off of existing stories, characters, or literary figures that are not public domain. NO
A work that I didn’t write. NO
A work that has already received a Top 25 placement in Launch Pad competition or received a “TB Recommend” from coverage. NO

Pilots and Features

My Pilot or Feature Is... Can I submit?
A script that I wrote, that is my own original work, story and characters, that I own the full and complete rights to. YES
A script that I wrote, that is my own original work, story and characters, that is set up at a production company / studio / producer and is not 100% available. NO
A script that I wrote, that is based off of existing shows, movies, books, or characters that I did not write and do not own the rights to. NO
A script that I wrote, that is based off of existing books, or characters that I did write and do own the rights to. YES
A script that I didn’t write. NO
A script that has already received a Top 25 placement in Launch Pad competition or received a “TB Recommend” from coverage. NO

Our readers are the same people that make up The Industry itself; namely, a collection of Execs, Assistants, Producers, Agents, Managers and professional readers who have been, and continue to be, at the front lines of Hollywood’s Information Superhighway.

We aren’t some nameless interns covering your script for free in a studio basement, we are working professionals whose job it is to track all the projects that are hot, on the market and selling in Hollywood right now.

All coverage receipts clearly show the estimated delivery date on the bottom of your receipt.

With the exception of Overnight Rush, Coverage is NOT delivered on Weekends. No coverage is delivered on Holidays.

In general, please see the below chart for coverage return guidelines.

Rush Type Delivery Date
Standard Delivery 14 Calendar Days Later at 6pm (No Weekend Delivery)
Five Day Rush 5 Calendar Days Later at 6pm (No Weekend Delivery)
Three Day Rush 3 Calendar Days Later at 6pm (No Weekend Delivery)
Overnight Rush Next Day at 6pm (Even Weekends)

Here at The Launch Pad, we understand there are numerous script coverage sites out there and personally can recommend several that offer exceptional coverage services. However, what we offer here is coverage on your script from a collection of industry professionals and story analysts whose job it is to track every project that is selling in Hollywood.

Our readers have read for companies like Warner Bros., CAA, DreamWorks, WME, Verve, Universal, and UTA. They are experienced in what works in scripts and what doesn’t. Their experience will provide feedback that helps polish your script so that it is ready for executives or reps to read. In addition to offering in depth script and story breakdowns, we also help compare your ideas and marketability to what is selling in Hollywood right now!

One more added bonus we provide our customers is if you utilize us for coverage and your script receives a “Recommend” grade, we will include it in our TB Recommends section on The Launch Pad and The Industry web sites, post a notice on our forums and feeds, as well as include it in our social media networks, ensuring that the thousands of industry professionals that are members of our site or follow us will know how great your script is.

Nope. You also don’t technically need an agent or manager, but that doesn’t mean you should turn one down if they offer to represent you. Script coverage is a tool that you can utilize to push your script to the next level, a way to get professional industry level feedback on your script before you expose it to the people who will only give it one chance.

Absolutely! In fact, we give you a discount. After absorbing your coverage, know that if you choose to revise and resubmit a new draft of the same script, you will receive a 10% discount on any coverage service.

To get the discount, simply check the box labled "Check here to resubmit a previously covered script at a discount!" and pick your script title from the dropdown list.

Job Listings

All job titles and basic information are accessible to both members and non-members of the Industry. Active Industry members have access to the exclusive weekly job newsletters and application instructions for all positions.

Simply click the button below select "Job Posting" from the dropdown and paste the job listing and how to apply. We will post it right away if it meets our criteria for job postings.

Submit A Job
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