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Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Launch Pad Pilot Competition!

By October 15, 2021No Comments

The 2021 Launch Pad Pilot Competition was our biggest competition ever, with a record number of entries and unprecedented quality. It was an honor to be able to read so many excellent pilots and imagine the series that could follow.

We want to thank our industry judges and partners for their hard work in making these selections, and we also want to thank all of our entrants for sharing their fantastic writing with us.

We are proud to announce our Overall Winner, Top Drama and Top Comedy winners, alongside our three Launch Pad Mentorship Selections, Guaranteed Signing Selection, and Guaranteed Option Selection.

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our finalists. If you’re looking to view all Top 100 finalists from this year’s competition, you can find the complete list on Coverfly here. Want to receive a notification when the next season opens? Sign up for reminders via Coverfly here.

Overall Winner

WHO IS MONICA STRANGE? by Andrea Shawcross

Desperate to uncover the truth about her father’s disappearance, a true crime-obsessed teen moves to a secretive small town where she teams up with a savvy local lifeguard to find a missing girl.

Drama Teen Mystery

Overall Winner

Top Drama Winner

HATCH by Sandy Nicholson

Four groups of strangers locked in separate underground bunkers figure out a way to communicate with one another and begin to realize they’re not being protected from the world above but rather being held captive for reasons more insidious than they could have imagined.

Drama Sci-Fi Thriller

Top Drama Winner

Top Comedy Winner

WHAT’S GRANDDAD by Ivy Johnson

When a woman discovers an evil ghoul living in her home, everyone she knows insists the monster is a beloved fixture of the household, setting her on a mission to rid her family of this sinister presence before the rest of the world convinces her — rightly or wrongly — that it’s all in her head.

Comedy Dark Comedy Horror

Top Comedy Winner

Traction Guaranteed Option Selection

ALTERED by Evyn Williams

A reclusive crime scene analyst who has hidden his telekinesis since he was a kid to avoid government detection investigates a murder that may implicate his childhood friend, who was taken away years earlier for using his own power.

Drama Sci-Fi

Traction Guaranteed Option Selection

Recon Entertainment Guaranteed Signing Selection

APOLLO 19 by Ray Gettman Bush

Three Apollo astronauts splash down from a successful lunar landing only to discover they’ve returned to an alternate reality where no one believes they traveled to the moon.

Drama Sci-Fi Period

Recon Guaranteed Signing Selection

Mentorship Program Selections

Mentorship Selection – Elaine Loh

TRIPLE NET by Louisa Kendrick Burton

A Black woman fights to the top of her white male-dominated real estate firm while investigating a plot to kill her father.


Top 100 Mentorship Selection – Elaine Loh

Mentorship Selection – Liz Storm

SEVEN SEAS by Jordan Goodman

A female pirate captain sets off on an adventure to find a long lost map to a treasure believed to give whoever has it control over the entire Seven Seas.

Adventure Fantasy Period

Top 100 Mentorship Selection – Liz Storm

Mentorship Selection – Preston Walker

BLACKAPPELLA by Danny Rogers

Rejected by his dream singing group at a predominantly white liberal arts college, a gay Black freshman fights to have his voice heard by forming his own a cappella group.

Comedy LGBTQ

Top 50 Mentorship Selection – Preston Walker

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