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Announcing the Top 50 of the 2021 Launch Pad Feature Competition!

By November 5, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the Top 50 from this year’s competition! Our Top 10 Finalists will be announced on November 19th.


Writer(s) Title
Maahir Khan 23 Yards
Nathan Patton Above Us Only Sky
Amelia Phillips Acids
Suzanne Rindell Argonauta
Geordie Sabbagh Audit
Brent Hartinger Baroness
Andrea Berting Breast in Show
Sarah Dixon Buffalo
Brittany Harris and Caitlin Gallo Cheaters
Chris Bean Cold, Nevada
Baakal Geleta Dirt
Robert Park Doljabi
Ryan Berry and C.L.R. Dream House
David Au and Mark Neal Dumplings For Christmas
Christopher Isenegger Five With A Bullet
Crystal Sugarman and Mariya Alexander Higher Art
Vanessa Herron Inside Life
Katy Erin Killing Kelly
Dustin Milligan Legend Of The Sky Drifters, or Murph And Alex Go To Time-Jail
Christopher Oroza Nostas and Ronald Johnson M.O.M.
Helene Griffin Mind Games
Tim Auld Minotaur
Christine Pfeiffer Stocke and Dan Stocke Miss Christmas City
Brittany Bookbinder Nellie Bly Takes on the World
Dragos Munteanu North of Fear – South of Pain
Meron Girmaiy Not Today
Tony Martin Nurse Confidential
Arnon Shorr Out of the Sky
Hannah C. Langley Potential
Marc Messenger Pull
Pascal Mercay Pulse
Amanda Biggs Ruby Safeway
Melinda Saranchock and Chris Saranchock Saving Cinderella
Taylor Hopkins Scam
Brittany Pratt Sorry
Micki Colker-Pearlman Spoken For
Michael Snow Stardogs
Todd Restler The Carrier
Joel David Santner The Coffin Club
Nicole Ramberg The Fastest Thing in the Valley
Justin Miller and Jeremiah Castleman The Last Blockbuster
Charles Carlisle The Spy’s Wife
Bernardo Duran Trokita
Morgan Hage War-torn
Caleb John Cushing Weight
Joshua Hunt While We Wait
Rex Cheung White Gold
Gareth Wronski You Better Run
Laura Piety Yves
Anokh Dhillon Zivia

Make sure to check back for further announcements! Full details about the competition can be found here.

(As a reminder: If you entered into the Mentorship Program, or signed up to be part of the Guaranteed Signing or Guaranteed Option prizes, regardless of making the Top 50, you are still in contention for those prizes. Those winners are selected from the entire pool of submissions separately from the finalist rounds, and will be announced alongside the winners)

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