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Announcing the Top 100 Finalists of the 2021 Launch Pad Pilot Competition!

By August 13, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the Top 100 Finalists from this year’s competition! Our Top 50 list will be announced on September 3rd.

2  6  8Marcus Ashley
45 StoriesEric Berg
A Spoonful Of SugarJosh Berman and Janelle Goforth
After SchoolAaron Barrocas
Alien of Extraordinary AbilityRishan Dhamija, Edwin Joseph and Sola Fadiran
AlteredEvyn Williams
Apollo 19Ray Gettman Bush
Big ShouldersTate Hamilton
BlackappellaDanny Rogers
Blood ValleyRebecca Leib
BloodrootsAmber Johnson
BoystownG.M. Stuart
Brock Wilbur: Adventure PigLukas Ridge
ButterflyMax Hersh
Chorus BoyTommar Wilson
Clean SlateIndigo Hinton
CodeswitchSasha Kai Parker
Con(temporary) ArtistCarol Brown
Dex and Lilla: Galactic ExplorersRose Bueno
Dungeon CrawlersZach Wilson
Entre NosJesenia Ruiz
ExodusShyam Popat
FermentationChristine Garver
FirstJoe Haar
FirtPeter Sullivan
Flower GirlsEleanor Cho
For One Night OnlyJordan Ramp
Forgive and ForgetEugene  Garcia-Cross
FuckboiWarner Wood
GeriOsityBarbara Ward Thall
HatchSandy Nicholson
HoodPab Sungenis
How to Build a CultZoe Vitale
JoeFred Salmon
KintsugiLisa Sanaye Dring
Kosher NostraGracie Marcellus
Lady DeathLindsay Grossman
LeatheretteMichael KY Yip
Little HelpersJacob S. Wydra
Lost SoulsReagan Kai
MalwareMichael Deigh
Maryam P.I.Zack Siddiqui
MasambaXavier Griffin
Mother MaryEmily-Anne Mikos
MysticCody Ashford and Eric Vue
Nannies of Belle MeadeJessica Walter
New ChapterRyan Manns and Jocelyn Manns
No CountrySean Barth
No One Wants UsYagmur Tok
No Way OutJason Francisco
Off the RackPilar Gibson
Over The HillAshley Hiller
Palmer IslandBianca J. Ursillo
Pastor KamalNavid Mehrjou
Pole MolesDavid Morris
Private DiAlex May
ProvidenceAmanda Mercedes
Pulp Paper NightmaresAshley McCann
RebrandedCaro Ribeiro
RMS WindelSierra Sands
Safe WordsMolly Brady
Sage CanyonJustine Ferrara
Seven SeasJordan Goodman
ShadowlinkAlana Grace
Sick BitchJulianne Fox
Single A.F.Tosin Morohunfola
SojourningLamar Legend
Sorta RicanJorge Thomson
Soul SamuraiDennis James Clarke
SpitfireBridget Visser
StormeJohn Lowe
The Cases of Mystery LaneJoel Dovev and Margaux Froley
The ControlMatt Schultz
The FixHeath  Woodlief
The Half-Life of Azim & JulieAleem Hossain
The Ink-ShifterLisa Tuholski
The Man in the Brown SuitElizabeth Ditty
The ReplacementNick Job
The Secret Life of Samira SenMinoti Vaishnav
The Several Ghosts of Fantabulous LandThomas Bell
The SquireDaManuel Richardson
The Taking of Lincoln HospitalKarina Hurtado
There Are No Black People In SpaceAnthony Thompson
Thick SkinRobert Axelrod
Tino 99Byron Qiao
Trail Runs ColdSteve Robillard
TrashedRachel Van Nes
Triple NetLouisa Kendrick Burton
True NorthHope Tarr and Raj Moorjani
UndertakenJamie Severson
Us Against The World(s)Ross Buran
VoiceKayla Rundquist
Walk and RollLesley Hennen
What’s GranddadIvy Johnson
Whisky Charlie TwoHarriet O’Neill
Who is Monica Strange?Andrea Shawcross
Wild ForensicsBill Watson and Emma Hamilton
WingwomanAmber Brown
Yesterday Never EndsPatrick Chen

Make sure to check back for further announcements! Full details about the competition can be found here.

(As a reminder: If you entered into the Mentorship Program, or signed up to be part of the Guaranteed Signing or Guaranteed Option prizes, regardless of making the Top 100, you are still in contention for those prizes. Those winners are selected from the entire pool of submissions separately from the finalist rounds, and will be announced alongside the winners)

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