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Announcing the Second Round of the 2021 Launch Pad Feature Competition!

By September 18, 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the Second Rounders from this year’s competition! Our Top 100 Finalists will be announced on October 22nd.

Title Writer(s)
#throwbackthursday Tyrel Lougheed
10 Miles Outside of Homer, Alaska Julia Bergeron
1000 Miles To Ontario Farboud Vaziri
2088: A Farmer Takes A Wife Russell Bennett
23 Yards Maahir Khan
A Bit Much Stacy Dymalski
A Breed Apart Jayne Maginot
A Coin Called Grace Mitchell Montgomery and Zach Abdallah
A Daughter Like Me Zachary Joel Johnson
A Friend In The Dark Zaza Karaim
A Stellar Life Paul Fernandez
A Trial for Miles Duane Rodney
Above Us Only Sky Nathan Patton
Acids Amelia Phillips
Ada Jason Porath and Emily Rifkin
Adventure: The Story from a Chinese Immigrant Jun Kuang
Aftermath Justin Boyd
All Things Falsely Suzanne Faber
Alma Hillary Schoelzel
Ambergris Jacobo Fe Gismera
American Cowboy. Part 1 Pepi Kokab
An Irish Errand Ari Frankel
An Other Christopher Backs
Anansi and the Chest of Stories Ayinde Ricco
Anybody But Yourself J. Morgan Baker
Anywhere But Here Debbie Castanha
Argonauta Suzanne Rindell
ART – The Movie Musical Matthew Puckett
Asylum Toofun West and Anna West
Audit Geordie Sabbagh
Backhaul Patrick T. Dorsey
Bad Business Andrew Adams
Bad Choice Gary Lippman
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Baggage David Lambertson
Balefire Rebecca Carter
Ball Luke Duffy
Barnstorming: A Story of Sex and Baseball Ronald Drescher
Baroness Brent Hartinger
Be My End Peter von Grendle
Bear Trap Anthony LaRose
Beasts of Burden Nick Tassoni
Best Place in the World Marco Calvani
Better Angels John Kirkman
Big Love – a fable Brent Bishop
Birthright David Snyder
Black Kiss Stigmata Chad Michael Ward
Blackout Artii Smith
Bloodworld Tochukwu Osuji
Blue Moon Fire Stacey Maltin
Blue Sunshine Oliver Silver
Blues For The Father Joseph L Harrison and Barry Kohl
Boat People David Kane
Boil Your Blood Sam Kench
Border Skirmish James Mulcahy
Breast in Show Andrea Berting
Brian David Bold
Broken Stones Rudi O’Meara
Buckethead Lee Redmond
Buffalo Sarah Dixon
BURNER: A Killing in Palm Springs Bob Canning
By Jocelyn Bell Jordan Randolph
By The Yew Tree Lewis Eastwood
Calls From Home Laura DeBar
Capital Punishment Alina & Bart Norman
Captain Manic Louis Ferrante
Cascadia Tim Millette
Cast List Connor Smith
Celebrity Skin Christopher Greenslate
Centurions Sally Stubbs
Charlie’s Pub Keith Macri
Cheaters Brittany Harris and Caitlin Gallo
Chimera Andrew Kaberline
Chindi Timothy Bryan
Chiranha Steve Briscoe
Citizen B Andrew Reinhard
Cleaning House Mark Grisar
Closet Tony  Radevski
Cold Hard Cash Tom Silva
Cold, Nevada Chris Bean
Compulsion Brady Nelson
Core Ruleset Timothy Bryan
Cosmos Garden Brian Gonka
Coyote Fredrick Leach
Crash Landing Cord McConnell
Crush the Monster Alex Odaguar
Custody Beau Farrell
Cutthroat Carolyn Kras
Dad Stuart Forrest
Dad Genes Kelsey Ross
Dating Dick Pamela Ryckman
Daughter of the Samurai Esther Shihabi
Daylight Michael Morra
DeadW0Lf69 Shayne Eastin
Death by Feline Patrick Leivici
Delicate Arch Matt Warren
Devil’s Night Mike Voltz
Devour Peter Petrucci
Dirt Baakal Geleta
Dirty Movies on VHS Whitney Melton
Do Not Go Gently Tara Jean O’Brien
Doc Band-Aid Bob Bland
Doljabi Robert Park
Door Sara Magness and Wil Magness
Down the lane Johanna Moreau
Dragon Dave Holton
Dragon Rider Michael Tracy
Dream House Ryan Berry and C.L.R.
Dreamboat Aluisio Leite
Dreamer Marisa Hardwicke
Dumplings For Christmas David Au and Mark Neal
Duty Anthony Ford
East of Westwood Amir Mosallaie
Election Night Eboni Boykin
Elsie Fernanda Cardoso
Escaping Disposal Brian Dzyak
Europa Sidney Nordstrom
Eva’s American Dream Isabella Bodnar
Ex Cops Brian Walsh
Executing Mercy Ingrid Schoenfeld
Exit Fee Gunny Troelstrup
Facade Dash Finley and Evan Scott
Faker! Eric Thompson
False Sense Craig Cambria
Feast Harris Gurny
Federico Erotico David Stovall
Feeling Gravity’s Pull Mark Brown
Femme Fatale in Stiletto Heels Pam Price
Final Draft Dennis Johnson
Finding Alexandria Sy Huq
Fire Ant Charlie LaRose
Fire Load Laura Kemp
First Kill Thomas George Mazzola
Five Swords Under Heaven Logan Shaw
Five With A Bullet Christopher Isenegger
Flaming Cold Jordan Gustafson
Fontana John Michael Riva Jr.
Foodie: The Begrudging Palate of Berwin Trug Xan Wynne-Jones
For Marie Madeleine Dean
Forevermind William Dickerson
Forgotten Depths Ted Bronson
Frank Dresden Colin McLaughlin
Freak Amir Ohebsion
Freelance Mike Gerbino
From Little Acorns Grow Laura Kosann
Garamba Aaron C. Wong
Ghost Busted Mara Ganz and Eliza Maher
Ghost Writer Courtney Hull
Gig Krystyna Loboda
Glimpses Tammy Klembith
Glisten Connor Smith
Glory HIlls G. Wallace Gamble
Going to Meet the Devil Adel Morales
Good Deeds Jeanette Campbell
Good Grief Reina Slutske
Good Husbands Ari Halevy
Grace Canyon Ranch Jim Lopezzo
Grandma Wars Betty Sullivan
Greensleeves Tom Radovich and Blake Middleton
Grifted Seth Ruffer and Hyesoo Kim
Gulp! John Whitcher
Hail Mary Sophia Baratti
Hanshi Carolyn Johnson
Happy Little Accidents Andy Erikson
Happy Little Trees Patrick Franklin
Have Mercy Jason Ruscio
He Wanted You To Have It Oona Garthwaite
Heads Up Heather Ostrove
Heart Land Lauren Ciaravalli
Heart of the Desert Miguel Parga
Hell Flight Michael Stark
Hellfire Mark Dollard
Here To Stay Sara Robin and Shirley Miller
Higher Art Mariya Alexander and Crystal Sugarman
Hit That Chase Karpus
Hoe-Mission Eric Pou
How To Find True Love When The Fucking World Just Ain’t Gay Enough Kimon Koufogiannis
Human Collateral Tanya Hilson
Hungry Joe Paul Holbrook
Hungry Man Jordan Prosser
I Visited A Parallel Universe and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt Russ Josephs
If I Didn’t Love You Melinda Maerker
If They Were Of Us Rosemary Griggs
If, Because, In Spite of Kıvanç Çakmakçı
Illicit Affairs Talia Walters
Imagine/Nation Phil Krampf
In the Dark Mandy Newton
In the Lake of Fire Blake Robbins
In the Meantime Joe Wielosinski
Ink. Heidi Nyburg
Inside Life Vanessa Herron
International Waters Stephen Gill
Into the Rust Oliver Silver
Intolerable Acts Matt Cochran
Irma Matthew Perkins
Island of the Jews Andrew Irvine
Jewel Tamara Steren
Jumpman Matthew Breault and Alex George Pickering
June Turned Around Karlyn Gibson
June War Clea Montville-Wood
Junker Hunter Hadfield
Just for Today Oli Canavan
Jvvl Peter Faint
Kill for Love Maceo Greenberg and Laura Picklesimer
Killing Kelly Katy Erin
Killing the Live Danny Salemme
Kin Jessi Campbell
King Afua Charlene Jean
Knock on the Sky Robin De Mayo
Kyle Jena Kaplaniak
Lawman Dennis Smith
Legato Paul S. Casey
Legend Of The Sky Drifters, or Murph And Alex Go To Time-Jail Dustin Milligan
Legendary Sophia Porter
Legends Suhashini Krishnan
Let’s Go Crazy Cory Krueckeberg
Level Up Hymnson Chan
Liability John Kelley
Lies We Tell Heather Ragsdale
Life On The Curb Ty Strange
Lifeclock Scott Nabat
Likeable Courtney Weaver and Liz Goodwin
Lone Rock Steve Maidment
Long Live John Africa! Sean Slater
Longshadow Sean Cunningham
Look at Me Jessie Holder Tourtellotte and Dan Gallun
Lost in Manhattan Artii Smith
Lost in Toronto Martina Muhoberac
Love You More Delano Del Potter and Michelle Adams
Love, Crime, and Boots Janice Naehu
Lucifer the holy opposition Ruben Jones
Lucky Penny Marc Rosenzweig
M.E.T.A.L. Neal Thibedeau
M.O.M. Christopher Oroza Nostas and Ronald Johnson
MAC + BETH Jaime Kawamoto
Magma Rising Tim Gilmer
Malvado John Mahony
Manifest Anthony Benigno
Mather Kevin Percival
Me & My Mother-In-Law Lauren Fields
Medusa Jones Barbara Davis
Memory Bank Michael Raymond
Merchandise No. 5 Danny Hogan
Mercy Todd Cahoon
MiDog Laura Antonelli
Mind Clone Brian Connolly
Mind Games Matthew Manson
Mind Games Helene Griffin
Mine Ashley Tropea
Minotaur Tim Auld
Miss Christmas City Christine Pfeiffer Stocke and Dan Stocke
Missed Connections Zachary Griffin
Misteria JL Felker
Monster Elizabeth Urwin
Monsters Inside Nick McDowell
Moon’s Monsoon Alek Abate
More Than One Idiot Brother Pearse Lehane
Moscow Fall Nickolas Daniel
Mother Benas Drabavicius
Mother Time Alexander Bernard and David Donnella
Mrs. Kidd Gary Graves
Mutual Agreement Natalie Ekberg
My Missing Year Stephen Foster
My Wild and Secret World Adam Sandel
Naomi Andy Jafe
National Hero John Vasiliades
Nearly Dead M. K. Martini
Nellie Bly Takes on the World Brittany Bookbinder
New Belgium Thomas Schrack
Nits Aaron Mobley
No Good Deed Heather Farlinger
Nonexistent Mrittika Sarin
North of Fear – South of Pain Dragos Munteanu
Not Today Meron Girmaiy
Nour Maitha Alawadi
Nurse Confidential Tony Martin
Offspring Nicholas Pappas
Old Friends Mike Kravinsky
Old Friends Brandon Cohen
Omegacon Andrew Wilczak
On The Skulls of Giants Zan Gillies
One Life Maximilian Pock
One More Before I Go Isaac Siegemund-Broka
One More Hit Brad Max
Only Thus Miriam Zenilman
Ophidian Charlie McLravy
Oprexium Cody Pearce
Orson Jared Egol
Out of the Sky Arnon Shorr
Park Kidz Quamé Hamlin
Peripheral Lies Graig Solow
Pervy Skank Assassins Lena Buda and Dorrie Lipman
Picket Charlie Michael Graf
Pioneer Nicholas Woods
Pisadeiras Omar Kamara and Jalmer Caceres
Pool Boy Gareth Boucher
PostScript Nelson Downend
Potential Hannah C. Langley
Pre-Utopian Tension Christian Maxwell
Pressure Drop Scott Cramer
Protector of the Emerald City Kevin J. Howard
Psycho Free Amy Blackwelder
Pull Marc Messenger
Pulse Pascal Mercay
Quantum Telegraph Joshua Jashinski
Radiex Rose Gaffney
Rebel Charles Cordaro
Retreat Julie Sharbutt
Revelations Johnny Gilligan
Rice Omar Kamara
Riff Ralph Torrefranca
Rough Draft Jonathan Ferrara
Ruby Safeway Amanda Biggs
Run Riot Rick Kinnebrew
Running With The Queen David Lesser
Ruthie the Ruckus Brendan Boogie
Séverin Maggy Torres-Rodriguez
Sangre de mi Sangre (Blood of my Blood) Nicolas Delgado De La Camara
Savage Hills Jack Costello
Saving Cinderella Melinda Saranchock and Chris Saranchock
Scam Taylor Hopkins
Scarred Sheldon Harper
Scorpions Chris Pittas
Screaming in Agony G. Wilson
Sea Dogs Curtis Matzke
Second Generation Frank Smith
Seeds on Mars – Volume One Alison Glasser
Selective Deletion Eric Owen
Send the Nomads Alexander Guerriero
Serpent and the Chair Alexander Watson
Severed Children Josh Gacita
Shatter Gideon Shmorak
Show Me Kurt Doerr
Shred Peter Vanderwall
Shunned Kevin Bachar
Siege on Sand Mountain John Park
Sight Logan Crawford
Silk Nick Tassoni
Sincerely, Miss Worthington Natalie Rix
Sink or Swim Jeff Bretl
Sirens Daniel Cova
Sleeping on Stones Nicole Ballivian
Slow Moe Xan Wynne-Jones
Solomon’s Choice Richard Geiwitz
Sorry Brittany Pratt
Space Suckers Derick & Rebecca Otto
Speak Low if You Speak Love Lori Stephens
Speedway Billie Jo Mason
Spoiler Michael Sajewski
Spoken For Micki Colker-Pearlman
Spring Branch Keith Woodruff
Spy Games Brian MacGregor
Star Chamber Sebastian Davis
Stardogs Michael Snow
Stealing From Pablo Carlos Gutierrez
Stelloola Deborah Smith
Stiletto Assassin Alexander Sikarevich
Strays Robert Wooldridge
Stuck In Neutral Juan A Mas and Terry Trueman
Sunshine is Forever Kyle T. Cowan
Suplex Bryce Marrero
Supporting Roles CourtneyJo Vossen
Surgat Samantha Marine and Michael Borowiec
Sweet Baby Jane Ryan Bliss and Emilie Peoples
Sylvia Larry Woldenberg
Taketh Away Angel Partie and Michelle Sauer
Tarnished Matthew Walker
TARO: Legend of Japan Blue Spruell
Tatsu Adam Bradley
The Apparition Room Jon James Miller
The Ballad of Bay: A Fiction Aaron Smith
The Boulevard Michael Leoni
The Business Plot Joe Toto
The Camera Jamie Murphy
The Carrier Todd Restler
The City of Lost Children Scott Hamilton
The Clubhouse for Wayward Souls R.J. Blake
The Coffin Club Joel David Santner
The Comic Shop Jonathan Bowen
The Community Brenna Kelly
The Creaking Upstairs David Rodgers
The Crossover Karan Sridharan
The Crummiest Book Daniel Sinclair
The Crust Ben Crane
The Curse of Locust Manor Rachael Blackwood
The Day Before Alan Noah
The Deceit Seyni N’Daw
The Deep Cut Jonathan Samuel
The Devil’s Conspiracy Francis Strickland
The Disobedient Colonel Mehdi Khosravi
The False One Andrew Kevin Fawn
The Familiar Ferry William Williams
The Fastest Thing in the Valley Nicole Ramberg
The First Daughter Abdulrahman Ugas
The First Penitent Josh Jacobs
The Flip and the Dead Greg Harvey
The Founders Eugene Rhee
The GarbageMan Dru Johnston
The Ghost Lindsey Gudritz
The Girl With The Paintbrush Christie Allen
The Gravedigger Lyndal Simpson
The Great God Pan Robert Milner
The Great Perhaps Christine Vartoughian
The Gyre Mission Brian Martin
The Home Efrain Aldaco
The House Is On Fire Justin Geldzahler
The Ideal Woman Laura Kosann
The Jersey Devil Layla Halfhill
The Knowledge Conor Kyle
The Lake Brian La Belle
The Last Blockbuster Justin Miller and Jeremiah Castleman
The Last Doctor Matteo Gomez
The Last Stephenson Gordon Kalton Williams and Katherine D Stewart
The Link JR Martinez and Pablo Magana
The Louise Grace Karman Graham
The Mallard Jaime Chapin
The Minefield Quinn Redeker and Jason Skorski
The Mirage (Al Sarab) Ali Ahmed
The Mural Carolyn Bradley
The Murder Show Shane Spiegel
The Naked Man List Morgan Pepper
The Navajo and The Astronaut Jane Therese
The Night Within Mark Lammerding
The Other Guy Josh Schaffer
The Other Side Nonie Shiverick
The Othered Minh Anh Vo Dinh
The Outpost Erez Mossek
The Pigment Keeper Michael DeGrandpre
The Plutocrats Alison Lani
The Podcast Jeffrey Craine
The Potato Palace John Lawton
The Purpose of a Lighthouse Gabe Berry
The Regent Priscila Santa Rosa
The Return Will Kuether
The River Between Us Sara Dahmen and Barbara Joosse
The Scythe Terrance Thibodeaux
The Seedling Kevin J. Howard
The Sequel Daron Weiss
The Seventh Sister J.B. Harrington
The Sexiest Man Alive Nathan Patton and Beau Thorne
The Sherwood Forest Christian Sinclair Wolf
The Sky Below David L. Williams
The Spy’s Wife Charles Carlisle
The Stress Hat – the beginning Dr Rubina Mian and Omar Mian
The Sun, The Moon and Everything in Between Michael Leoni
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things Susan Brunig
The Swim Lesson David Miranda Hardy
The Things I Cannot Change Aaron Lomeli
The Trail Kyle Griffin
The Unfinished Sonata Ariane Hahusseau
The Unseen Shiva Ramanathan
The Valhalla Club Jan Ohrstrom
The Valley Rose Patrick Runi
The War Angels Monica Arisman
The Well Patrick Leonard and Max Golden
The Welshman Andrew Irvine
The Winter Ghost Rzwan Cabani
The Woman with No Name David Weston
The Zit Anthony Falvo
They Don’t Fall In Love… Justin Geldzahler
This Is Me Aslı Bildirici
This is Not Like Home Julian Pham
Thor Lake Miia Piironen and Michael Williams
Those We Leave Behind Amanda Keener
Ties that Bind Luca Violante
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright Thomas Thonson
Time Capsules Jason Caridi
Time Piece Stephen Inniss
Time Will Tell Nti Aning
Tingle Monsters Alexandra Serio
Tiny Cancer: A Tale of the Tumersons Jeffrey Barton
Tivoli Gardens K. Diakite and C. Darby
To Mars Yaroslav Altunin
Tough Old Broad Denise Deegan
Tramps Like Us Scott Vogel
Trapped in Plain Sight Tammy Klembith and George Klembith
Trokita Bernardo Duran
Trouble Will Find Me Colin Moore
Turnpike Jackknife B.C. Bell
Twisting Thunder Michael Hahn
Two Birds One Gun Ambrosine Davies
Two Holland Park Rd Andrea Johnson
Two Wolves Matthew Hopper
Uncut Neer Shelter
Under a Desperate Sky Jeffrey Kerr
Unicorn Sheila Erdmann
Universal Frequency Richard Krzemien
Unlikeable Colin O’Brien
Unlocking Freedom’s Door Kenneth Fox
Vampiric Kelly Parks
Vivaldi’s Revenge David Gray
Waitress #2 Nathan Patton
Walt Robert Troccolo
War-torn Morgan Hage
Wartime Revelations Carlo Bordone
We Are Each Other’s Morgan Lariah
We Are One Giulia Flores
We Flew When The Birds Walked Daniel Leventhal
We The Children Taya Walter
Weight Caleb John Cushing
Wes Suemedha Sood
What the Night Leaves Behind Rob Sheely
Wheelchair Andrew McLinden
Wheels Come Off Kryzz Gautier
When Horror Met Sally… Ervin Anderson
When Wendy Grew Up Jenna St. John
While We Wait Joshua Hunt
White Christmas Richard Kevin Stith
White Gold Rex Cheung
Wide Open Spaces R.L. Hooker
Wide Open Spaces Niki Ang
Wishing Well Gary Bickal
Woodstake Shawn Hainsworth
Worm in the Bird’s Mouth Ian Baaske
Wustrow Arnaud Cugniere and Etienne Moulin
You & I Nilendra Fonseka
You Better Run Gareth Wronski
Yuanfen Briana London and Lynn Mills
Yves Laura Piety
Zivia Anokh Dhillon
Zombie Boiz Stevie Yun

Make sure to check back for further announcements! Full details about the competition can be found here.
(As a reminder: If you entered into the Mentorship Program, or signed up to be part of the Guaranteed Signing or Guaranteed Option prizes, regardless of making the Second Round, you are still in contention for those prizes. Those winners are selected from the entire pool of submissions separately from the finalist rounds, and will be announced alongside the winners)

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