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6th Annual Launch Pad Prose Competition Second Rounders

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Listed below are the Second Rounders of the 6th Annual Launch Pad Prose Competition. Congratulations to these writers!

Stay tuned for the Top 100 announcement on October 21st here and on Twitter within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Second Rounders:

“BEFORE EXILE” jeff mustard
80 Cents of Wonder Roland Heep
80 Kroner Stephen Bonino
A Crime Novel Noah Lloyd
A Definition Amanda Kohr
A Girl Called Redemption Sophie Neville
A Murder in Shinjuku Yugo Hoshi
A New Day Sue Mell
A Secret of Red and Ruin Kirsty Boss
A Storm of Spirits (novel excerpt) Jendi Reiter
A Valentine From Your Mother Chloe Stillwell
A Voice From The Moon Samuel Finn
Agvnige & The Puzzling Resplendence Gregory Lemmons
Ain’t Never No Snow in Atlantis Bobby Burnett Lee
Alice Will Save You D. A. Jolivette
Amanda Says Carleigh Foutch
Amelia Morgan Rothwell
Animal Control Jen Knox
Annie From Iowa Liesl Wilke
As Luck Would Have It Jason Mueller
Baghdad Blues Courtney Suttle
Barstow, Texas 1941 Amanda Mitchell
Beautiful Dreamer Sarah Taylor
Beenya Soul Toni Dianne Holm
Benson Family Secrets Sean Armstrong
Better! Faster!: A Chronicle of Technology-Driven Change Alex Kipp
Beyond Tomorrow’s Sun Ronald McGuire
Blood for the Anunnaki Randall Moore
Blood Reprisal Karlianna Voncil
Buds Hallie Reese Kostrencich
Bulldog Murphy Chris Corbett
Bulldog Murphy Chris Corbett
Burn My Shadow (A Selective Memory of an X-Rated Life) Tyler Knight
Calamity, Or How A Sudden Lack Of Toilet Paper Led To My Untimely Inclusion In The Apocalypse Julia Bianco
California Is an Earthquake Leanne Phillips
Carpool Confidential Karen Scholl
Children of the Sun Jandos Azerbay
CHOKE Claire Chitham
Cibolero Kermit Lopez
Close Enough to Canada Anna Forsyth
Cobalt Blues Forever Sung-Ju Suya Lee
CODE THREE Henry Lansing Woodward
Damaged Goods Debbi Mack
Dance of Little Wishes Padraic Lee Fisher
Dark Blossom Vincent Stoia
Dead Men Tell No Tales in High School Michelle Blair Wilker
Death of a Nightingale – Short Story Annika Pampel
Deer Shoots Man (…then steals his cigarettes) Tyler Knight
Displacement Noémi VanSlyke
Distraction & Anesthesia James L Head
Drawn into Danger: Living on the Edge in the Sahara. Keith Costelloe
Dried Figs or Dates Siawosh K. Eskandari
Drown ‘Em Like Puppies Maria Wickens
Dust from the Mouth Michael Austin
Empire in Exile Ren-Horng Wang
Endpoint: Confluence J.W. Griffin
Evil F—ing Clowns Chris Bolton
Finch David Shawn Klein
First Fate Annette Kendall
Flabbergast Kenya Thames
Flames Damond Fudge
Floating Underwater Tracy Shawn
Fourth Generation Farmer Dominick Gasperini
Fucking Guys Aaron Schroeder
Fuel Is Thicker Than Water Stephen Avitabile
Future Shadows Willem Peters
GAME – a Finn Teller short story Twist Phelan
Ganglers Mark Renshaw
Gangster of Love Maria Wickens
God of Thunder Vincent Stoia
Gods of Sound: The Perilous Path of Cameron Foster QM Schaffer
Gothic Revival Michael Mullin
Green Kid One Holly Blackman
Habitan – The Parallel Place Cheryl Skory Suma
HALL OF SKULLS Jamie Eubanks
Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner: A Novel Gerald Jones
Harvest Michael Griffith
Haunted House Sitters Charlene Ellen
Hidden Dangers of Camping Liesl Wilke
Homewrecked Ruby Soames
Hope Springs – Autumn Jess Huxx
Ije Mmiri (Water Journey) Uzo Chijioke
Ill Messiah Jarrett Brandon Early
Immortalised to Death Lyn Squire
In The Slipstream Josh Taylor
In Too Deep Duranna Thomas
INCURSIO Stephen Sinclair
Into The Void Michael Esser
Inventing Angels Maria Wickens
It’s Raining Men Hollie Smurthwaite
JAY GATSBY & FOGGY JOE Richard Guimond
Jenny In A Bottle Michael Ezell
Just Add Water or a Lie Christi Carter
KEEPERS Christine Autrand Mitchell
King of All Kirsty Boss
Kiree’s Journey Colleen Jiron
KNOW Sung-Ju Suya Lee
Last Job on Earth Thomas Ukinski
Leaves of the Sibyl Leah Lopez
Legendary:A Virtue Reality Sophia Porter
Like it was Nothing K Fleig
Lila and Her Demons Nicole Crowley
Little Bird Michael Mau
Little Girl In The Golden Tower Josh Taylor
Lost, Forgotten Neima Patterson
Love and a Sachet of JooJoo and other infidelities Shari Poindexter
Loveoid JL Morin
Lullabies for Wayward Girls Maria Kennedy
Luna David Thomas McKenna
Lunar Pressure Ujwal Rajaputhra
Madam Eggs Jim Swanson
MAINE TIGER Michael Diamond
MaySin-DickSee Line Sung-Ju Suya Lee
Mere Mortals Andrew Bumstead
Merla Smudge & The Mystery of Smoggy Inc. Jeff Shephard
Midnight at the Pet Express Liesl Wilke
Miranda’s War Andrea Malin
MONARCH Shayla Durbois
Monsoon Karlina Veras
Monster Lauren Certo
Musgrave, Georgia Elizabeth Ann Johnson
My So-Called Ruined Life Melanie Bishop
Newton’s Cradle Teresa Kamman
No Time for the Present James Cusick
North of Sunrise Gavin Fee
Not If, When Elizabeth Weeks
Not My Sister Leigh Merry
One More Season: The Birth of Football’s Spread Offense Lorin Fife
One Now or Ten Later Danielle Monique
One of Us K.T. Jayne
Opening the Bodies Jennifer Schuberth
Oriflamme Noah Pohl
Painting Sunsets Stephen Evans
Penetration Alex Yalen
Pigs 2050 Theresa Cardiello
Planet Addiction Mere Walton
Playtime at the Bagh Reenita Hora
Please Don’t Shoot Anyone Tonight Dave Newman
Popsicle Christa Wojciechowski
Preacher Raises the Dead: An Evan Wycliff Mystery Gerald Jones
Promised Land Philip Elliott
Real Cops Frank Hickey, Lynwood Shiva Sawyer (Publisher)
Red-eye to Edinburgh Melvin Sterne
Remembrances Mark Broucek
Revenge They Agreed Peter Myerson
Revisions Andrew Large
Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls Rima Ray
Run Risk Nate Crocker
Saltborn Debbie Trecek Volkens
SAVIOURS DAY Lewis Kinmond
Sentient Being Blues Christopher Rose
Separate Bedrooms Matt Clemons
Serena the Switch Witch Sara Vance
SEX PARTNER #9 Sanyee Yuan
Shadow Realm Reenita Hora
Shoot the Horses First Leah Angstman
Signs Of The Cross Patrick Furlong
Silver Tsunami Monica Lee
Skeleton Prayer Joshua Rodgers
Something, Somehow, Somewhere Alexa Weik von Mossner
Song of Songs Melissa Morelli Lacroix
Standing In Water Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich
Starstuff Gary Bakewell
Tenir, BlueBoy, Passage Ted Zahrfeld
The Adventures of Terrorwield Rory Ruane
The Adventures of Watts and Sherlock: The R.X. Problem Katie Magnusson
The Armageddon Vector Michael Corey
The Art of Elodie Michelle Luke
The Blackmore Mysteries – The Canning Case A Tuck
The Boogeymen Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Brothers Winkelstein and the Homburg Hat Guy Polin
The Caregiver Jim Gourley
The Chancer Fiona Graham
The Circle at Liberation Square Jessica Jiji
The Country Journalist Graham Osborne
The Dark Easy Michael Crame
The Dead Chip Syndicate Andrew Pearson
The Delilah Project Sophie Lamzik
The Dew of Men Dina Mousa
The Dog Who Ate the World: A Fairy Tale M Stevens
The Dreadful Edgar Bonesworth Conor Kyle
The Easy Way Out Greg Rempel
The Elfling Challenge Niccole Lee Rumans
The Enlightened – Launch Pad Andries Ehlers
The Ficus Michelle Blair Wilker
The Fourth Year Christopher Backs
The Genius and the KGB Wanda Fischer
The Ghosts of Okuma Mitch Wieland
The Goddess Club Amy Reardon
The Great Gimmelmans Lee Matthew Goldberg
The Half Measure Melissa Ragsly
The Hidden Mandy Artusato
The Hollowing of Lady Abigail Hector Neil Flinchbaugh
The Last Cliffhanger Sara Bibel
The Last Surrender Jeremy Wadzinski
The Lease of Nature Anderson Boyd
The Legend of Santa Claus and the White Hart – Excerpt Quinn Hopkins
The Lion of Judah Desson Thomson
The Londo Chronicles | Three-Book Series Patricia Simpson
The Man with the Heavy Face Maria Restivo Glassner
The Nash Sisters – A Story of Family Sticking Together When It Counts Leatha Marie
The Normal Brothers versus the Arch Enemy Damond Fudge
The Okanagan Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Pirate of Souls Caroline Strong
The Psychenauts Steven Peterson
The Riddle of the Hyacinth Michael Corey
The Road Taken charlie robinson
The Rott Inertia Jarrett Brandon Early
THE SEA CHILD Kathryn Orwig
The Secrets Inside Us Beth Ford
The Self-Made Saint Alexandra Clausen
The Snow That Never Fell Paul Steven Stone
The Tank Brent Hartinger
The Tiny Bang: Seven Short Stories Sure To Shake You Awake Ben Donley
The Unchanged World Stephanie Early Green
The Unexplainables: The Other Side Of Locker Five Joey Aucoin
The War Tourists Curtis Rainer
The Way Through The Woods Brian Lyons
The Whack-job Case of the Bull and a China Cabinet Sunny Marsten
Through the Wringer Heather Donovan
Time and Place Drew Westcott
To Her Body McKenzie Moser
Tomorrow dhtreichler
Twyla and the Whiskers of Doom Audrey Hackett
Under Watertown Bob Gebert
Undertow Thomas Thonson
Ursus Caeruleus P.S. Lutz
Useless Cruelties Jess Capelle
Verona Peck Lisa Atenasio
Water is Thicker than Blood – Novel Jeff Westmont
Welcome Home Steve Lubs
Welcome to Wingspan Matt McManus
What’s Left is Hope Heather LeRoss
Whitehorse Sean Fitz-Gerald
words marie robinson
Write Me on the Water Andrea Malin

As a reminder if you participated in the additional add-on prize categories, you are still in contention for those prize(s) regardless of making the Second Round. Those winners are selected from the entire pool of submissions separately from the finalist rounds, and will be announced alongside the winners.

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