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2022 Launch Pad Prose Competition Top 100

By January 28, 2022No Comments

Listed below are the Top 100 manuscripts of the 2022 Launch Pad Prose Competition. These exceptional projects were selected from an amazing pool of candidates. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Top 50 announcement on February 11th here and on Twitter within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Top 100:

A Girl Called Redemption Sophie Neville
A Glimpse at the Eclipse Susan Hahn
A Most Peculiar Stakeout Josh Taylor
After the Spirits Come Beth Ford
ANNA Amanda ReCupido
Art of the Kill Joe Cooke
Be Careful What You Wish For series Cara Highsmith
Big Fat F@!K Up Lawrence Allan Pontius 
Black Snowman Conrad Walters
BUZZWORTHY Nicole & Mike Comforto
Clouds Clearing Dave Clair
CrossTown Loren Cooper
Darkness Shines Kirsten Boswell
Don’t Shoot The Piano Player Kevin Engelking
Duck Roast on the 38th Parallel Alicia Yang
Emma & The Gobbling Bandits Teigan Isobel
Erased catherine Boyd
Far Rockaway Kim Kolarich
Flood Money Adam McCulloch
Footprints in Water – a short story Twist Phelan
Gary Jeremiah Murphy
Ghost Dick MH Handleman
Gone To Ground Morgan Hatch
Heartbeat Samuel Finn
Hell Slowly Creeps Raquel Levitt
Home Front C. D. ‘Pete’ Peterson
How Bad Will Clea Get? Carol Lazare
How to Steal a Hominid James Cusick
I Wish Kevin Was A Bag Of Sand Bobby Miller
Immortal Alchemy Pamela Danforth Yaco
Inside Out Lisa Renee Jones
Just a Girl in the Whirl Annie Wood
Landlocked Sushi in the Dead Camel Mountains harris kauffman
Larceny In My Soul – Life of a Playboy Bunny Jan Marlyn Reesman
Life After Death Rick Miners
Marble Birds Larry Hendricks
Meet Jack Catherine Keane
Miss Fortune Juan Villegas
Miss Minnie’s Boarding House Bonnie Ilyse Tunick
Nepali for ‘Duct Tape’ Stephanie Bousley
Night Shift Mike Waterston
NothingGold.Exe Brian del Rio
Number 14 Allen Blackwell
Of Pumpers and Bathers Tanya Klein
Open Sorcery Rob Sheely
Patriot Day Dana Dillon
PIG Jessica Wood
Project Wild Michael Schwartz
Red Hot Joshua Scicluna
Rescue Bot Thomas Thonson
RISE – Valley of the Dolls M.D. Waters
San Camilio Katie Antonsson
Scurry Back Aaron Brock Dehn
Seoul Food Sarai Koo
SHOES Andrew Phillips
Shut-Eye Kevin O’Hare
Sisters Azenath Adede
Six Sage Society Allison Hong Merrill
Some of My Best Patients Were Animals K.C. Nayfield
Stela Robert C. Frink
Talking Man John Broadhead
Terraforming Robert OMalley
The Cop Killer of Tade County Mosby Barley
The First After Jasmeen Siddiqui
The Freek Of Leesville David Vienna
The Giant of Illinois Adam Sleper
The Hidden Country Stuart Hardy
The House on Desco Drive Kay Smith-Blum
The Last Historian Tanya Klein
The Lies My Immigrant Parents Told Me Carolina Caro
The Lies of Love Kelly Pierce
The Mad Queen and Lavender Farm Michael Kramer
The Man Who Got Out of Japan Sophie Neville
The Moon Is Broken Paula Conner
THE OTHER ONE Chrysler Szarlan
The Paris Connection Lorraine Brown
The Rocket Scientist Arthur Geis
The Royal Coroner Matthew Morde
The Summer Girl Katherine Hill Brown
The Swamp Rex Cody Pearce
The Talkers are Talking – Book 1 Janna Grace
The Walk Alianna Jaqua
The Watcher Noah Pohl
The Wrongdoers Becca Mann
These Woods Allison Mick
They Used to Call Me Chaplin Graham Kirkham
Thoughtless Atoms (working title) Jesse Kendall
Tuscan Shadows A.J. Hamer
Unacceptable Risk: A Memoir of Marriage and Tainted Blood    Kathy MacKay
Uncontrolled Detonations Mary-Denise Tabar
Undertow Noah Pohl
Vancouver Skies Marie Arsenault
Viewer Discretion Is Advised Benjamin Gleisser
We Arrive Uninvited Jen Knox
We Rest In The Dark Joshua Rodgers
When I Grow Up I Want To Be a No One Celia Rettenmaier
Wrestling Demons Thomas Thonson
Zara Melvin Sterne

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