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2022 Launch Pad Pilot Competition Overall Winner

By August 12, 2022No Comments

We are excited to announce our Overall Winner, Top Drama Winner and Top Comedy Winner, alongside our three Launch Pad Mentorship Selections of the 2022 Launch Pad Pilot Competition. These exceptional pilots were selected from almost 2,500 submissions. Congratulations to these writers!

The Guaranteed Signing and Guaranteed Option Selections will be announced at a later date following consultations with the shortlisted finalists.

Here are the…

Overall Winner

INFINIA by Daniel Cooper, Adam Cooper

Two astronauts find themselves trapped on a planet where a temporal anomaly has caused them to crash over and over for years, leaving multiple versions of themselves who must band together to stop the time loop for good.

Top Drama

CIRKO by Des Burnison

In Victorian London, magic performers are strictly controlled by a vicious guild, forcing teenage twins to escape the city and use the guild’s strictly protected secrets to create the precursor to the modern circus while being hunted down for their burgeoning supernatural gifts.

Top Comedy

CULT-E-SAC by Jeff Topolski

After moving into their dream home, a family discovers that everyone else in the neighborhood belongs to the same surprisingly chill cult, and an intense FBI agent is determined to use them as informants.

Mentor Prize Winners

Selected by D. Dona Le

SKIN FOLK by Michael Allen Harris

A 300-year-old Black vampire joins forces with the FBI to stop a dangerous threat to vampires and humans alike.

Selected by Sasha Stewart


An unhappy woman gets the opportunity to write letters to her teenage self that actually get sent back in time, giving her the chance to change things and get the life of her dreams.

Selected by Ursula Taherian

BUDTENDERS by Michelle Siouty

A young woman works at a pre-legalization weed dispensary in 2016 Los Angeles behind her conservative Persian family’s back.

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