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11th Annual Launch Pad Pilot Competition Top 50

By May 10, 2024No Comments

Listed below are the Top 50 of the 11th Annual Launch Pad Pilot Competition. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Top 10 announcement on May 24th here and on Twitter within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Top 50:

Adams Colliding Lira Kellerman
After the Ravagers Joel Michalak
Alma of the Immaculate Heart Etta Gray
AUPUNI Erik Ries
Baem Jacqueline Sir
Baker Street Broads Will Sterling
Bombsite Boudiccas Beau Jessup
Dead Shepherd Scott Langer
EATER Cathriona Slammon
Falling Off the Cliff Rebekah Covington
Family Possessions N. Fituri Scown
Gal or Grifter Gal? D. E. Asher
Gold Bricks! Eli Elbogen, Hunter Ashton
Howl Zoe Kerr
In the Light of a New Sun Will Saunders
Jesus One-Stop Frederik Ehrhardt
Killing Boys Keeley Bell
Little Town of Bethlehem Robert Maza
Lyons of Westchester Jason Mandell
Merch Paul Franklin
Murder Wives Maya Florin
Nan’s Guide to Retirement Teresa Bass
Nepantla Josue Hernandez
Nicer Things Jon Lazar
No Man’s Land Eloise Healey
Pay To Play Elgin Azores, Chas Allen
Pick and Roll Jack Caswell
RATS Tavish Gudgeon
Rituals Brandon Weavil
Rupert in the City Ariel Hartzman
Show Them All Amanda Cole
Special Projects Liz McClintock
SPIN Damon Clark
Stansby Needs A Friend Colman Duggan
Swallows Nathan Pearson
The Ashen Veil Polina Komissarova
The Detail Jonah Einstein
The High Life of Annie Sams Joyce Simmons
The Nightshift Shiv B
The Opossum Joel Barragán
The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard       Charlotte Lobdell, Jack Flynn
The Senator from Rhode Island Alice Camp
The Short Sword Kera McKeon
This Thing Of Ours Ben Monaco
Thumbs Down John Schlirf
True Nature CJ Conway
Valley Dicks Sam Allemang
White Road Harry Whitehead
Yellow Tie (Pilot) JEFFREY SHIEH

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