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10th Annual Launch Pad Feature Competition Top 100

By March 31, 2023April 6th, 2023No Comments

Listed below are the Top 100 projects of the 10th Annual Launch Pad Feature Competition. Congratulations to these exceptional projects and the writers who have made it this far!

Stay tuned for the Top 50 announcement on April 14th here and on Twitter. And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Top 100s:

A Man Called White Randy Hines
A Midsummer Night’s Play Eric Johnson
Adrift Aaron Edwards
Au Revoir Floris Driebergen
August Beauty Elisa Greenberg
Bad Vibes Cynthia Mersten
Beauty King Annie Grace
Binary Protocol JR Nelson
Bite Me Phoebe Lapine
Black Market David Daniels
Blind Spot Alix Lerner
Blue Winter Madison Sean Flannery
Bobtail Travis Carr
Bury the Lede Brianna Naderpour
Buying Drugs Near the White House      Arik Cohen
Chrysalis JD Volk
CO2 Katherine O’Mahoney
Cold Hands Adrian Gutierrez Martel
Cotton Jim Rothman
Cuffing Season Jon Bershad
Dad Rock Adam Boyer
Dark Crimes, Strange Times Simon Oulouhojian
Denver Joe Swafford
DICK Omeed Boghraty
Dude From Scratch Robyn Paris, Megan Woodward
Dwelling Alex Tranquada
Electric Road M. K. Ching
Everything in Its Right Place Williy Lau
EXES-IN-LAW Jessica Steele, Avery Steele
Finding McKinley Madison Fyke
Flight to Freedom Jeff Nowak
Forbidden to See Us Scream Farbod Ardebili
Gladiatrix kenneth alston
GLIMPSE Richard Martin, Josh Calvert
Gold Diggers Alex MacDonald
Goodbye Everybody Benjamin Lewis
Gorgon Richard Humphries
Gristle Heidi Hornbacher
Grrrls Drool Katie Crone
Hellhound Bobby Bridges
Hillbilly Bath Lauren Kleeman
In Here With Us Mac Grant
Kaleidoscopes Laura Hunter Drago
Killer Road Trip Evan Rindler, Jon Rizik
Ladylike Taylor Coriell
LOLA’S OUT THERE Levi Buchanan, L. Kris Gowen
Monster Scouts Shaun Polakow
Mother Help Catriona Toop, Georgie Oulton
My Cousin’s Car Andrew Goldmeier
Noriko and the Dream-Eater Mickey Cooper
Oliver Cosmos Kalena Ranoa, Jason Director
One Man Army Andrew Rajan
Operation Babylift John Mccarney
Perfect Flower Brent Delaney
Polly and Peter & Cybill Justin Horowitz
Reckoning Vanessa Võ
Reformation Stephen Morgan-MacKay, Stefan Alexander
Rigged Alan J. Field
Rising Son Tsubasa Yamaguchi
Roy G. Biv Sebastian Davis
Saint John Kale Hills
Saturn Return Mallory Sparks
School Story Jit Fong Oon
Sea Legs Ariel Mahler
SKIN Urvashi Pathania
Skin David Chang
Sleight of Hand Annie Moorhead
Social Currency Jack Coady
Something About the Tide Julia Morizawa
Songs Without Words Hayley Tibbenham
Starhope Abdulrahman Ugas
Tape 22 Christopher Ewing, Callie Bloem
Tear Us Apart Geo Bradley
The Amends Amanda Cole
The Box Steve Parady
The Chicken Murders Nadia Osman
The Devil and Dick Gregory Sean Slater
The Greatest Joy Lea Pascal
THE HITMAN Christopher Rubi
The Invisible Boy Arun Narayanan
The Keeper Michael Hubbard
The Lamb John Ingle
The Pepper Christine Garver
The Pharmacist Samsun Knight
THE PREY Michael Miersen
The Rival Poet Arlynda Boyer
The Slashelorette Anthony Zonfrelli
The Triple Ginny Hogan
The Understudy Dan Aho
Theory of Colors Shehrezad Maher
Time of Departure Ron Thomson
Trouble Will Find Me Colin Moore
Underbelly Alicia Louzoun-Heisler
UNnatural Talent Jeff Perreca
Walking in Iowa Alex Murawski
When the Whale Comes Pamela Winfrey
Winning Season Aaron Mobley
XY-113 Ivan Bukta

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